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Selini Update

Changes Missing Permissions & Command Not Found Errors Messages was changed New Commands about -> info about the bot id -> Get the id of a user or yours addemoji -> Add an emoji to your server deleteemoji -> Delete an emoji from your server ( c ) Dark Worth Developers Team 11/6/2021


Selini Bot by DvrkWorthDevelopersTeam. A simple bot with main commands

s!help or s!qhelp | help menu

Selini Commands

Updates Notifications


Setting Commands

change prefix | changes the prefix

change welcomem | changes the welcome message

change leavem | changes the leave message

change welcomec | changes the welcome channel

change welcomerole | changes the role for new members

delete welcomem | deletes your changed welcome message

delete leavem | deletes your changed leave message

delete leavec | deletes your changed leave channel

delete welcomerole | deletes your changed role for new members

delete welcomec | deletes your changed welcome channel

delete levelc | deletes your changed channel for levels notifications

settings | Shows your settings

Moderation Commands

addemoji /link/ /name/ | With this command you can add an emoji

deleteemoji /emoji name/ | With this command you can delete an emoji from your server

giveaway [sec - min] [prize] like => s!giveaway 10 iphone 15 | use to make a giveaway

mute | mutes a member

unmute | unmutes a muted member

kick | Kicks a member

ban | Bans a member

slowmode | changes the slowmode of channel where you are

lock | lock a channel

unlock | unlock a locked channel

addrole | add a role to somebody

removerole | remove a role from somebody

clear | clears 100 messages

new channel/category [name]

removechannel [channel name] | Removes a channel

deletechannel | Deletes the channel you was

warn | Warn somebody

poll | Make a poll ! Syntax {pre}poll {message}

Leveling Commands

level | shows your level

leaderboard | Leaderboard of most leveled players

Public Commands

channelstats | info of channel where you are

serverinfo | info of server where you are

botinfo | info of selini bot

userinfo | info of a user

randomnumber | gives you a random number from 1 to 101

suggestion | Tell us your suggestion about us !

report | Report us a problem about the bot

bag | Tell us a bag that you was see in the bot

weather | Type weather [location] and the bot will send the weather of this loc

instagram | Type instagram [instagram name] and the bot will send you this instagram link

twitch | Type twitch [twitch channel name] and the bot will send you this channel link

Fun Commands

slap | slap a member for reason/no reason

flip | Heads or Tails

hack | hack a member

snipe | snipe a deleted message

gayrate | Are you geh?

noobrate | Are you noob?

simprate | Are you s1mple?

rps | Rock,Papper or scissors

meme | Send you a spicy meme


wumpus | A minigame where you need to alive and kill the monsters

8ball | Say a question to 8ball and it will respond to you

Ticket System

ticket | Bot creates you a ticket

close | Bot closes your ticket

Economy Commands

balance | Shows your balance [aliases:bal]

beg | Get free money every 30 seconds

slots [amount] | Play slots and get 2X money

shop | Shows you the shop

buy [item name] | Buy an item

sell [item name] | Sell an item you dont want

inventory | Shows your inventory [aliases:inv]

send | Send an amount of money to somebody

weekly | Get 5000 Moon Rocks weekly with this command

daily | Get 500 Moon Rocks daily with this command

robbank | Rob a bank lol

work | Work to get Moon Rocks

Search Commands

yt | Search something in youtube while in discord

Music Commands

play [song name]




ℹ️ Music Commands not working well

Roles Commands

colorhelp | Shows you the help menu

color #COLORCODE | Gives you the color of the code

color REMOVE | Bot removes your current color

colorlist | Shows you the color list

purge | Bot Purging unassigned colors

Other Commands




id | Get the id of a user or yours


DvrkWorthDevelopersTeam Copyright (c) Dark Worth Developers Team | Designed and built by dWd - All Rights Reserved 2021-2022 | Use s!botservice for your Security info

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