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add more cmds (done) , add database (done)







Ping : show's bot speed

azkar: (for muslims) daily aszkar

botlink: get any bot invite - usage - prefix + botlink + mention any bot

Avatar: get people's avatar

Id: get someone id - usage - prefix + Id + mention someone

cid: get channel id - useg - prefix + cid + mention channel

sid get server id - useg - prefix + sid

Server: get server informations

Invite: get bot invite

User: get someone informations

bot: get bot info

allbots: get all bots that in server id and mention

YouTube (yt): YouTube together

short: short a link

qr: transform links to qr code

timer: but a timer

ss: screenshot from any URL

tx: but a discount on a number


play: play a music from a name or URL

skip: skip a song from the playlist

volume: Increase or decrease the volume of the music

Queue: display the playlist

stop: stop the music

Loop: loop the music


create-channel: create-channel withe the a name

ban: ban a member from the server

kick: kick a member from the server

slowmode: but slowmode on chat

lock & unlock: lock open the chat , unlock close the chat

clear: delete the messages

cc: create a category

hide: hide a channel from evryeone

show: show a channel for evryeone

setwelcome: set a welcome Message

setprefix: change prefix for the bot

crole: create a role

stealemoji: steal any emoji and add it in to your server


iq: iq rate

gr: gay rate

trash: trash avatar meme

slap: slap avatar meme

kill: kill avatar meme

xo: xo game

chose: chose game (for Arabic)

jail: avatar jail meme

kiss: kiss avatar meme

egg: egg avatar meme

zlzal : zlzal avatar meme

tag: Converting regular letters to fancy letters

spank: spank your friend meme

clyde: but a messages with clyde name

wanted: one piece wanted poster avatar

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