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You can use this bot to warn peoples, to be afk using !afk( use !afk if u want to remove ur afk). You can get levels






With this bot you can level up, you can warn peoples, you can set your afk with !afk( use !afk to remove your afk). If you don't know this bot don't really need mod, if u want to use he just for leveling up Commands: !help !level !ping !addrole !removerole !softban <@user> !purge !kick <@user> !invite !status  If you have mee6 or other bots that have "!" as prefix, try to change the prefix.  If you already have MEE6 for levels, you can use this bot to lvl up too  You can use this bot same as the other bots. I hope you will enjoy using my bot!

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