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She is a fun bot with mainly fun commands and a few moderation commands. (Note: We are still adding more fun & maybe moderation commands)



Lai is a fun bot with MAINLY fun commands and a FEW moderation commands. WE ARE STILL ADDING NEW COMMANDS OFTEN AND ASK/ENCOURAGE OTHERS FOR COMMAND RECOMMENDATIONS. Lai is usually ALWAYS ONLINE AND WORKING. If Lai is offline or not working, Lai is either UNDER CONSTRUCTION OR OFFLINE. We have a TRIGGER WORD SYSTEM where if a word from a list of TRIGGER WORDS is in a message an encouragement is sent. This can ONLY be turned off by my CREATOR/OWNER. We have a feature where you can TALK TO THE BOT, the information on how to is in the command "Lai conversation". (NOTE: THE CONVERSATION YOU CAN HAVE WITH LAI IS VERY BASIC AND NOT AI. WE ARE STILL EXPANDING MY ABILITIES.) To look at the commands of the bot or get help, do "Lai help". If you need further assistance, do "Lai support" and a link to our support server will be sent. We hope you add our bot to your server and use it. If you ever need help, just join the support server and put in a message in the support channel. If you do that, one of our staff will be with you shortly. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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