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✨A BOT in Alpha version that has utilities, moderation commands, info commands, music commands (coming soon) and more! (Fully free bot)🎨






🎈The instant BOT is currently in Alpha Version and it is multi-use to use utilities commands, info, moderation, music (coming soon), automated systems (like invites, joins // coming soon) and more!

🎆Our team is always working correcting issues, fixing bugs, changing the infrastructure, keeping the remote servers working properly and updating the bot adding new features.

👥Support always available to help you with any doubts, problems or reports.

💰Currently, our bot is completely free to use, without any premium systems, exclusive commands, etc. Anyway, we have a donations channel in our support server to help maintaining the bot online! And we really appreciate that.

🎫Some commands:

  • kick
  • ban
  • userinfo
  • serverinfo (NEW!)
  • avatar (NEW!)
  • clear
  • superclear
  • play And more!

⚡Last major update: 04/16/2021 (all new changes logs are available in our support server)

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