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A multi-purpose bot with many features, including games, moderation, economy, tools, and more!




The goal of this project is to make a multi-purpose discord bot created using discord.js with Node.js v12.


RetroBot was inspired by other Discord bots and the fun of programming a useful tool that can help people have fun / get stuff done in their everyday life.

General Information:

Version: 4.10.0

Hosting: Replit

Library: discord.js

All people are listed with Discord usernames / tags

Current Project Members:

  • LilJuiceBox491#3256
    Project leader
  • -intelligence-#3398

All people are listed with Discord usernames / tags

Contributers / Helpers:

  • milad#9999
  • heccing_commie#0437
  • -InterConnect#6526
  • b1048546#3383
  • TotalAwesomePerson#4259
  • Maxson#1029


Currently, the components required to run this server are are a working Node.js instance and an installation of discord.js, node-fetch, fs, reconlx, @top-gg/sdk, and discord-economy, which can easily be installed onto any Node-compatible machine by using the built-in package manager and running npm install <module> in the shell.



.kick <user> - Kicks a user from the guild

.ban <user> - Bans a user from the guild

.unban <user> - Unbans a user from the guild

.warn <user> [reason] - Warn a user in the guild

.purge <count> - Deletes messages in the channel


.8ball <question> - Asks the 8 ball a question

.typerace - Starts a typing game where people in the channel try to type the sentence the fastest

.debate - Generates a debate question that people vote on

.ttt <user> - Challenge another user to a game of tic-tac-toe


.bal [user] - Shows the users current balance

.beg - Begs for money

.daily - Claim your daily coins

.place [user] - Shows the place of the user on the leaderboard

.give <user> <amount> - Transfer money from you to another user


.help - Show a help message with all commands

.info - Shows up-to date bot Information

.about - Shows general information about the bot

.ping - Show the latency of the bot and API

.serverinfo - Provide information about the guild

.vote - Get a voting link for


.quote - Generate a random quote from the Quotable API

.status - Get a link to RetroBot's official status page

.ship <user1> [user2] - Show the 'love probability' between two users

Developer Tools:

.say <message> - Say a message as the bot (including typing)

.upver <digit> - Update the bot version

.downver <digit> - Downgrade the bot version

.setver <new version> - Set the bot version

And More Coming Soon


We have the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), version 3. The original license can be found here in plain text format.

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