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[IN DEVELOPMENT] [IN VERIFICATION] Use of Fun and Moderation commands for example 8ball and clear commands!



Venti is a bot used for Fun commands and Server/Member Moderation commands as well!


is the help command

FUN commands:

8ball--Ask a question, what will be the answer?

copy--Copies what you said next to the command

me--Is you!

oddhumor (ohumor | ohu)--Tells you some ODD jokes

numberwhich (intwhich)--1 or 2?

uinfo--Displays COOL info about the mentioned user

F--Pay your respects

cat--Wanna see some cute cats?

YES--Venti has your approval

lvl--Level someone up!

MODERATION commands:

clear--Deletes the specified amount of messages

kick--Kicks the mentioned user

anemo--Tests bots MS

ban/unban--ban or unbans mentioned user

EXTRA commands:

invite--Invite this bot and shows you an invite to its help server

vote--Vote for Venti on

suggest--Suggest a command for Venti!

servers--Shows how many servers Venti is in!

freemoneytransfer--get the amount you asked in the next 5-7 days!

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