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The bot that you need! The commands are easy to use. Kaguya has moderation, fun, music and more commands!


! or k! (customizable)
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V8 hris

V8 hris

Bot Verification Denial

My old bot got denied for bot verification, this denial is permanent and can not be undone. What does this mean? I made a new bot which has also the same features and some extras: welcome message and autorole features and more! It would help me a lot if you can get the new bot to 76 servers Share my bot with your friends! Invite here: https://kaguyabot.me/invite


Moderate your server easily with the easy-to-use moderation commands!
Keep your server clean with the Auto Moderation And have a good overview with the integrated Mod-Log system! Greet your members with welcome messages!
Listen to your favorite music with your friends, or just by yourself! And much more!
The bot is written in the programming language python v3.7.9, library: discord.py v1.7.2, Kaguya v1.0.6.
Kaguya has 116 commands, and is 24/7 available for you!
The default prefixes are k! and !, a good command to begin with is k!help.
Kaguya is hosted on a virtual private server.
If you wanna ask, suggest or need help come join my support server!


You can take a look what features Kaguya has.


  • Moderation
    -Easy-to-use commands to moderate your server.
  • Logging and Assignment.
    -Keep track what's happening in your server and assign new members automatically a new role!
  • Auto Moderation
    -Configure Kaguya and let Kaguya moderate for you!
  • Music
    -Vibe to your favorite songs with your friends, or just by yourself.
  • Information
    -Want to know something about a user, server, channel and more? No problem.
  • Fun
    -Kaguya provides fun for you and your members!
  • Utility
    -From setting custom server prefixes to wikipedia, urban and much more!
  • Anime Roleplay
    -Have fun with the Anime Roleplay, Kaguya provides lots of Roleplay commands.
  • Welcome Message
    -Highly configurable welcome messages. Easy-to-use and clear.


If you are having some issues you can join our support server.
Click here to invite the bot.
Privacy Policy -> k!privacy

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