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More commands may be added |Note| you may need to make 10 Tier Roles



!memes Returns a list of meme templates.

!create_meme <#id> <quote1, quote2,> Creates a meme from a supplied template ID

!Tier 1 Gives a person Tier 1

!Tier 2 Give a person Tier 2

!Tier 3 Give a person Tier 3

!Tier 4 give a person Tier 4

!Tier 5 Give a person tier 5


!ban <@user> Bans a member from the server.

!commands Displays all the commands of the server.

!mute <@user> Mutes a user in the server.

!unmute <@user> Unmutes a user in the server.

!afk Set's an AFK message for a user.

!warn <@user> Warns a user.

!warnings <@user> Displays all the past warnings of a user.

!clearwarnings <@user> Clears all the warnings of a user.

!status Changes the status of the bot.

!report <@user>

!suggest Logs a suggestion to the server.

!invite Generates the invite link for the bot.

!kick <@user> Kicks a user from the server.

!say Broadcasts a message in the channel.

!addrole <@user> Adds a role to a User.

!removerole <@user> Removes a role from a User

!softban <@user> Soft bans a user from the server.

!purge <no. of messages> Deletes a number of messages in a channel.

!ping Gets the ping of the server and bot.

!info give a users info

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