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A free bot for fun and games, there are various commands that can be shown by $help! This bot is a work in progress, more features soon!






This bot comes with various commands, the commands right now are:
Don't forget to use "$" at the start of every command
Kick and ban are disabled for a short amount of time!

  • help = Shows the victim a list of commands.
  • embedstatus = Tells the victim if the embed feature is working.
  • textstatus = Tells the victim if the text feature is working.
  • status = Shows the status of the bot.
  • cat = Shows a cat picture.
  • kitten = Shows a kitten picture.
  • kill = A fun command to mess with people, <$kill @user>.
  • kick = Kicks any user only if the command is executed by an admin <$kick @user>.
  • ban = Bans any user only if the command is executed by an admin <$ban @user>.
  • avatar = Shows the victims discord profile picture.

    This bot is a major work in progress! If you want a custom welcome message DM NanZee#1533 on discord!
    This bot aims to reach at least 100 commands before the 31st July 2021 (31/06/2021)!

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