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Astrix, the All-in-One Multipurpose Discord Bot /Anime /Music /Moderation /K-Pop /Marriage /Games /Fun /Interaction etc...


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Astrix now features Marriage and Welcome Commands

Marry your loved ones with Astrix and show off what you got. Who proposed ? Vow ? What did they vow on their marriage ? Married for how long ? Divorce now in a more realistic way. Check it out! With Welcome and Goodbye Commands you can greet the newly joined people and pay repects for the people who leaves your Server :p


"Motivation ? Sorry, I don't have Any" - Lawliet - Formerly Lawliet-Kun#9546

Once a L Fan, Always a L Fan πŸ•ΆοΈ

Astrix is the All-in-One Multipurpose Bot for All of your Discord Needs! It has the Best-in-Class Commands!

Command Categories:-

β€’ Anime Commands πŸ’“ β€’ Anime Waifus 😍 β€’ Music Commands 🎧 β€’ Moderation Commands ⚠ β€’ Couple's Commands (Marriage, Divorce)πŸ’‘ β€’ Interaction Commands πŸ‘« β€’ Fun Commands 😜 β€’ Reddit Commands 😎 β€’ Meme Commands 😏 β€’ Welcome Commands 🀼 β€’ Miscellaneous Commands ☒ β€’ English Series πŸ‘€ β€’ Quotes πŸ–‹

Use "" to view All Commands that Astrix has to Offer

  • This bot has more than 200+ Commands in total featuring Anime, K-Pop, Music, Moderation, Reddit, Memes, Etc...

  • It's hard to express your emotions and feelings using texts but with this bot you can express it better.

  • Astrix has the Best User Friendly Commands with help for each and every stuffs you do with it and still manages to do your every Discord Needs!

  • Astrix also features the Best-in-Class Music Commands to listen with your Friends and Others in your Discord Server!

  • Astrix also has User Customisable Prefix which can be set by the user itself. So you aren't limited by your Server's prefix limitations! Be sure to be creative as always 😁!

  • Also Astrix has Moderation Commands which does more than enough of what you gonna need!

  • There are tons of Anime Exlusives or English Series Exclusive Commands in this bot. Be sure to check em All!! 😁

  • It has a separate section for fun commands which includes some K-pop Exclusives like Gifs for every BTS Member. More to be added!

  • If you are a true Death Note Fan there are commands that displays random gifs of L, Kira and Ryuk which is personally handpicked by me (A Lawliet fan) 😍 and in rememberance of Lawliet-Kun#9546

  • There is a Sword Art Online Exclusive Command which has around 100 gifs to display. Use(a.sao or A.sao) 🌝

  • Want some Daily Motivation ? You have it here from 100 Quotes u will get a random motivational quote to inspire you. (Use a.motiv or A.motiv) πŸ”₯

  • There is Rock Paper Scissors game in this bot. You can play Rock Paper Scissors game with this bot. Lets See who wins the Battle of Rock Paper Scissors πŸ•ΆοΈ

  • Worried about Spamming ? Astrix has a built-in Cooldown System which will prevent the Users from Spamming in your Server! πŸ˜†

  • Astrix also comes with Reddit Commands. you can now view Reddit Posts from any Sub Reddit! Use a.reddit.

  • Urban Dictionary support added. Use a.def (any word) to view the urban meaning of that word.

Be it Memes, Music, Moderation, Interaction, Fun stuffs, Cool stuffs, Miscellaneous Stuffs! Everything the Bot has to Offer is here!!

And tons of more and more commands and features to explore! Use once in a while to see the New Commands being Added!

I'm updating this bot daily so, expect some cool features in the Future !! Coming Soon!!

If you experience any issues with the bot of the Commands, Please feel free to DM me in Discord.

Want to add you Favorite Own Command ? DM me your Command and and how it should be like with Proper Description. I will add it, if its appropriate 😜


Thanks For Using Astrix - lolliellolliate#2272 Made with Love for Discord and its Users!

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