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A bot wich allowes you to get random images from any subreddit you like!







RandomReddit is a bot which allowes you to get random images from any subreddit you like! It supports fully custom subreddits, customizable prefix and a multi-language support, with more languages on it's way!

Getting Started

For an overview of all the commands, use r/help. For more information about a command, use r/help COMMAND.

To add a subreddit, use r/add SUBREDDIT to add an subreddit. To get a random image from this subreddit, use r/SUBREDDIT. For example: r/add dankmemes => r/dankmemes. Keep in mind that these commands are admin-only.

To make life easier, if the name of a subreddit is too long, you have the option to use an aliase. You can set a aliase with r/aliase SUBREDDIT ALIASE, for example: r/aliase dankmemes meme. Now you're able to use both r/dankmemes and r/meme!


The bot is completely free to use, there isn't a premium tier. However, donations would be highly appreciated. The donations will be used towards the development and hosting, to keep de bot up and running!

If you want to donate, you can do it on: https://paypal.me/BenWeerd or on Ko-fi. If you want too, you're able to create a ticket with proof in the support server, and you will receive the donator role!

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