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The greatest bot for moderation, fun, information and much more! It even can steal emojis, track invites and even welcome people!






Synth bot Type help [command] for help with a command 2 moderation - Shows moderation commands 3 info - Shows info commands 4 misc - Shows misc commands 5 utility - Shows utility commands 6 fun - Shows fun commands 7 config - Shows config commands 8 management - Shows management commands 9 owners - Shows owners commands

moderation commands

ban - Bans mentioned member bans - Show all banned members clean - Clean recent bot messages clearwarns - Clear all warnings of a user delwarn - Delete a warning from a user kick - Kick mentioned member lock - Locks a channel so no one can type modlogs - Get all recent modlogs done on a user by a moderator mute - Mute a user so they cannot type nickname - Set the nickname of a user purge - Mass delete messages in a channel softban - Softban a user unban - Unban a banned user unlock - Unlocks a locked channel warn - Warn a user warnings - Check the warnings of a user.

utility commands

bots - Get a list og all bots in the server invites - Get invites for a certain user objembed - Have full customization of a embed simjoin - Simulate when a user will join the server steal-emojis - Steal a emoji from any server

info commands

help - Help menu for all commands information - get information about the bot invite - get the bot invite ping - Ping command serverinfo - Shows Information about the server uptime - get how long the bot has been online for

misc commands

afk - Set your self as afk mode avatar - Shows users avatar docs - Search the discord.js documentation membercount - Shows server membercount roleinfo - Get information about a role snipe - Gets most recent deleted message whois - Get information on a certain user test - test

fun commands

calc - A working calculator clone - Clone a message dog - Get a random dog flip - Flip a coin hangman - Play hangman quiz - Fun community quiz rps - Rock paper scissors tictactoe - play tictactoe weather - Search a specific place weather

config commands

automod - Enable/Disable auto moderation autorole - Control all autoroles disable - Disable a enabled command enable - Enable a disabled command ignoreuser - Toggles command usage for a user prefix - Set the prefix for the server setmodlogs - Set the modlogs channel for the server setmuterole - Set the mute role for the server setperms - Set required permissions for a command welcome - Enable/Disable server welcomes

management commands

antibot - Enable/disable antibot note - Manage notes for members settings - View all configuration settings setup - Sets up server for bot to run perfectly tag - Create a custom respond tag

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