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PowerBot Is A Multi-purpose Bot That can Do Many Things, It has Admin,Fun, Image, Giveaway And Info Commands


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Power Bot Update (6.0.0)

- Changed The DataBase To MongoDB In Order To Make Dashboard - @Power Dashboard Finally!, Announcement Coming Soon - New Identity! : This logo is more modern and the old one is classic - Website Changes, Now website shows as it's not secure, we gonna solve this in the next days - Now Play Away With The Buttons , help and mention commands has buttons! New Commands : Images Section : + slap : to give someone a slap! + affect : it doesn't affect my baby! + jail : a pic in the jail! + discordblack : make your personal pic as discord logo (black) + discordblue : make your personal pic as discord logo (blue) + blur : blur your avatar! Games Section : + betrayal : play betrayal with your friends or bots in the voice room! + chess : play chess with your friends or bots in the voice room! + fishing : play fishing with your friends or bots in the voice room! + poker : play poker with your friends or bots in the voice room! :info~2: Info Section : + firstmessage : get the first ever message in the chat! + youtube-together : watch youtube with your freinds in the voice room! Admin Section : + slowmode : add a slowmode to the current chat, even seconds, hours and days! + setautorole : to set the role when someone joins a server, you cant put a role that has (administrator) perms, you can reset it by typing autorole reset + setline : To set A line (pic) when someone types in the chat it sends the pic, you can disable it by typing line reset Updated Commands : - ping : now supports the ping of the database - calc : improved it's beauty, added emojis - help : now supports discord-buttons Fixed Commands : - clear - rps - tts We Really Need Suggestions To Improve Our Bot ( #suggestions ) And Thanks, More Coming Soon!



PowerBot Bot is a multi-purpose bot ready to skill up and boost up your Discord server Also features Administration,Games,Fun,Image, GiveAway And Info and Much more Commands! You Can Access The Bot Commands By Typing &help The Bot Includes : *Games stats ex. Fortnite, apex, overwatch. The Bot Have Moderation Commands That Let You Moderate Your Server, The Bot Contains Fun, Games, Music, moderation, GiveAway Commands •Games Commands You Can play many games with your friends And Search steam games information, also Fortnite, apex, overwatch


Fun Commands Enjoy Your time with fun commands



Moderation Commands There Is Many commands that let you moderate Your server ex.ban ,warn,addemoji,role,lock,unlock And set prefix Enjoy Time moderating your server!


1- if you changed the prefix the help and inv command will stay as & prefix And Much Commands Waiting For you.

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