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COC Verifier

A Clash of Clans Verification Bot to verify new members that enter your server are players of Clash of Clans.



COC Verifier

  • Welcome to Clash of Clans Verifier.

  • If your Server is based on Clash of Clans, this bot will be useful for your Server.

  • It'll take a short Verification of the Member in their DMs with their Account.
    This will require the Player to have an Account in Clash of Clans.

  • The Bot will ask the Following Questions :-
    1. Player Tag
    2. API Token

  • After Successful Verification, the Bot will assign the Verified Role to the Member.


  • Setting up the Bot is very Easy!

  • Set the Verified Role using coc!verifiedrole <@Role> Command which will be given to Members who will be Verified.

  • Set the Logging Channel using the coc!logchannel <#Channel> Command which will be used to receive the member's coc account information.

  • Note: Make sure to Grant the Bot Manage Webhooks Permission while using the Log Channel. It uses the Webhook to Send the Logs through.

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