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This is a discord bot online judge that judges solutions for competitive programming problems. Anyone can be a problem setter.



This is a discord bot online judge that aids in judging solutions for competitive programming problems. The bot supports submissions in popular languages such as C, C++, Java, and Python. The judge grades using input and output files set by the problem setter. Anyone can set problems by filling in the Google Form with the problem settings and test data.

For a list of commands or a tutorial on the judge, use the -help command.

Here is how to use the judge: First, type -problems to see all the available problems. Then, pick a problem you would like to solve and open the problem text using -open followed by the problem name (for example: -open HelloWorld). After reading the problem statement, write up your solution in one of the judge's available languages (Type -langs for a full list of them). Once ready to test your code, submit your solution by first typing -submit followed by the problem name and the language. (For example, -submit HelloWorld python). Once the judge prompts you to enter your source code, do so. The judge should then provide you with the execution results and the points you scored from the submission. The judge will give feedback for each test case in the form of AC (Accepted), WA (Wrong Answer), TLE (Time limit exceeded), RTE (Runtime error), or Compilation Error.

If you encountered a run-time error or compilation error on your submission, you may run the -errors command to see error feedback from the judge.

If you would like to add your own problem to the judge, visit this form or type the command -add to the bot.

Full command list:

-help to ask for help -problems to view all available problems -submit [problemName] [language] to submit you solution to a problem (example: -submit HelloWorld python) -errors to see error messages in most recent submission -open [problemName] to read a problem statement (example: -open aplusb) -lang for a list of available languages -reset to reset the judge in case of a problem -status to see the statuses for the juding servers -add to add your own problem to the judge -vote to vote for and support the bot -servers to see the number of servers the bot is in

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