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A fun little bot with a few commands like poll and 8ball.



My bot is bot that sends responses to certain messages it is still in work in progress and does not contain a lot of code/commands yet.

The prefix can be changed if desired Extra permissions needed for the user for the use of all commands: manage_message

Permissions required for the bot:

Text permissions

View channels

manage messages if you want the command clear to work

The commands:

's!help' for the list of the commands

a poll command was added to the bot though unfurtunately s! must be used in front of it it wont interfere with your current set prefix though. 's!createpoll'. The poll command works with messages and not reactions.

The prefix can be changed if desired

You can contact me via discord for help or ideas.

link for the help sever

(the image was made by -Xavier- )

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