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A per-server character registry for role-players.






AdventureRegistry command help:

Characters registered with this bot are linked to you and the server you are in. Expect that characters you create in DMs with this bot will not be available in any servers, however all characters you create anywhere will be available to you in DMs.

!ar - is the bots command prefix. All commands will be prefixed with this

!ar list - will list the names of all currently registered characters. Use this to confirm spelling when looking up a character

!ar register "Character Name" TypeFullDescriptionHere - will allow you to add a character to the list

!ar unregister Character Name - Removes a character from the registry, this is permanent

!ar update "Character Name" TypeFullDescriptionHere - Updates a characters profile in the registry

!ar character Character Name - Fetch a characters profile by name as a DM

!ar export - Export all characters created by you

!ar help shows this help screen

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