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A simple bot that has some dandy commands!



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Hey guys! Unfortunately, Dandy is having problems with the host. So the bot may be offline for a couple of days (or maybe online for a limited amount of time). I will try to find a new host and host it ASAP but until then, please be patient. - MST_CREATOR


Dandy is a discord bot that has many dandy commands. He can give memes, jokes, fun facts, youtube videos, and many more things!

You can look at his help commands by using the help command (D!help).

Some of the commands:

  • D!meme - Sends a meme
  • D!fact - Gives a fun fact
  • D!def - Defines the given word

*Be sure to look at this bot's announcements so you know the new commands it has! *Please tell me what I should add to this bot.

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