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Funktions: Applications, Dashboard, Utility, Fun, Moderation, Images, Reaction Role, Tickets

Alt Detector

aaction Pick the action fired towards the alt.

abypass Whitelist alt accounts of your choice.

adisallow Remove an alt account off the whitelist.

amodlog Set the channel in which logs will be sent.

asetdays Set the amount of days of the alt age.

atoggle Disable or Enable the altdetector Module.

findalts Find all alts in the guild with the provided account age (days)

youngest Find all youngest alts with the provided join date (days)


addquestion Add questions to the list and when you apply they will be there

apply Apply in the current servers, or answer a few questions

applylog Set the guild apply Logs

approveapp Approve an application in the guild.

declineapp Decline an application in the guild.

questions Displays all the form questions in the server

remquestion Removes a question off the list.

review Approve an application in the guild.


afk Set an AFK message!

anti-invites Block Invites from the current server!

anti-links Sets anti-invite if the message contains a link

autoresponse Create a auto Response which gets triggered without prefix!

autoresponses Gives a list of auto Responses in a guild

settings Show's the current settings for this guild

createcommand Create a custom command

customcommands Gives a list of custom commands

deletecommand Deletes a custom command

deleteresponse Deletes an auto Response

setprefix Sets the prefix for this server

setlanguage et a guild language

suggestion Enable or disable and approve or decline suggestions

togglecategory Disable or enable a category in the guild

togglecommand Disable or enable commands in the guild


tempvc Enable / disable tempvc

chat Chat with the bot!

discrim Shows a list of members with the same discriminator.

embed Make a custom embed builder with Mino´s!

invite Sends you my invite link

isitup Checks a website is up or down

poll Create a poll within the discord server!

redeem Redeem a Premium code!

remind Get reminded to do something!

report Enable server reports!

shorturl Shorten a url!!

suggest Suggest Something if the module is enabled!

suggestbot Suggest a new feature for Mino´s!

support Sends you my Support server

define Defines the given word!

vote Send you the vote page


asciify Turns your text into an ASCII art.

betra You can play betra with your Friend in a Voice Channel!

birdfact Generate a random useless bird facts

catfact Generate a random useless cat facts

chess You can play Chess with your Friend in a Voice Channel!

coinflip Flip a coin

dicksize Shows you your PP size

dogfact Generate a random useless dog facts

emojify Emojifies the given text.

f Pay your respect!

fish You can play fish with your Friend in a Voice Channel!

howgay See how gay you are

hack Hack someone! (fake)

joke Generate a random joke from jokeAPI

kaomoji Send a kaomoji text!

kill Kill someone! !

pickupline Generate some pickuplines!

pokemon Guess the sent Pokemon!

poker You can play Poker with your Friend in a Voice Channel!

quote Make a quoted text!

rate Give me something and ill rate

reverse Sends the same message that you had sent but reversed.

say Make the bot send a message!

simprate See how simp you are

uselessweb See a random site from theuselessweb.com

vaporwave Vaporwavefies a text.

yomama Make the bot send a spoiler message!

youtube You can watch YouTube with your Friend in a Voice Channel!

zalgo Make the bot zalgolize a message

magik Make a magik avatar!


nuke Nuke the Channel

addrole Adds the specified role to the mentioned user

ban Bans the specified user from your Discord server.

clear Delete the specified amount of messages

kick Kicks the specified user from your Discord server.

lock Locks the current / mentioned channel.

lockdown ock all rooms server

mute Mute the specified user from the guild

removerole Removes the specified role from the mentioned user

removewarn Remove a certain users warn

resetwarn Clear all the users warns

setnickname Changes the provided user's nickname to the one specified.

slowmode Enables slowmode in a channel with the specified rate

softban Softban the specified user from the guild

unban unban the specified user from the guild

unlock unLocks the current / mentioned channel.

unmute UnMute the specified user from the guild

vkick Kick a user from a Voice Channel

warn Gives a warning to the specified user from your Discord server.

warns Check a certain users warnings

warnpurge Warns a member purge their specified messages


achievement Get a minecraft achievement!

affect affect a user

awooify awooify someone!

bird Get a bird picture!

blurpify Blurpify a picture!

calling Tom&Jerry Tom calling Meme image

captcha Sends you a Captcha image!

cat Get a cat picture!

changemymind Sends a changemymind Text!

clyde Sends a clyde message!

deepfry deepfry a picture!

dog Get a cute dog picture!

facepalm Send a facepalm

facts make a fact

floor The floor is lava

gayuser Send a gayuser

impostor Be an impostor

iphonex Make someone fit in an iphonex!

jail Send Someone to jail!

kiss Kiss a Guy

meme Generate some memes!

notimpostor Someone was not the impostor

pornhub Make your own HUB logo!

pornhubcomment Make your own HUB text!

reddit Get a random photo from specified subreddit

slap slap a user!

supreme Make a fake Supreme logo

trash trash a user

trigger trigger a user

trumptweet Make trump say a message!

wanted wanted a user


avatar isplays a user's avatar

covid You can see all covid Infos

emojis Check the curent guild's emojis

help Shows you every available command in the guild

members Check all members of a certain role! or maybe all!

news Shows mino's latest news

permissions Shows a user's permissions

ping Check's my latency

```roleinfo```` You can see all Role Infos

servericon Display's the current Server Icon

serverinfo Displays information about the current server.

shards Check's stats of a shard

stats Displays minos Statistics

time You can see timezones

uptime Sends you Mino´ss's Uptime!

userinfo Displays information about a provided user.

Reaction Roles

addreaction Create a reaction role

editreaction Edit the role which a certain reaction give

rrbuilder Start a prompt and create your reaction role

removerr Create a reaction role

rrdm Enable / Disable Reaction Role DMs

rrlog Set reaction role Logs in the guild.

rrtypes Enable / Disable Reaction Role DMs

rrwipe Wipe all reaction Roles from the current guild


tadd Add a member to the current ticket

claim Claim a ticket to assist the user.

closeticket Close an Opened Ticket!

ticket Create a ticket via a command if option is message

trem remove a member from the current ticket

ticketsetup Setup a ticket system in your discord server with alot of option

unclaim Unclaim a ticket so another ticket support or staff claims it again

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drknowi on hotspot
drknowi on hotspot

over 2 years ago

I like this shit using it on my servers ;)



over 2 years ago

Nice Bot!



over 2 years ago

Its 100% the best free Bot for Discord Servers




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