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This bot was made so that tracking invites can be much easier!!!




king JJ

king JJ

About Invite Master:

Invite Master is a bot that has a main purpose of showing how many invites you and others have, your and other peoples invite codes and creating invites! It is so simple to use, read more to find out more!!!

Invite Master's Commands:

Invite Master's prefix is "i?". This bot has many commands. These include:

"i?invites" | This command shows you how many invites you have or "i?invites @user" can show you how many invites the particular user has

"i?leaderboard" | This command simply just shows the top 10 users with the most invites and how many invites they have.

"i?invite create" | This command will create an invite for you.

"i?invite codes" | This command will show you your invite codes or "i?invite codes @user" will show you the invite codes of that particular user.

"i?codes" | This command is identical to "i?invite codes".

"i?vote" | This command will give you a link to the bots page and this page.

If you have any problems, issues or recommendations, please join my main server or my support server

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