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Simple AntiSpam Bot That Stops Spam In Your Server


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Elon Musk

Elon Musk


G-BOT is back if you would like to use G-BOT still please re-add it. My New Discord Is TEC-9#0162 so if any bugs please report them to me. Thank you for reading this, have a great rest of your day! :D


This is G-BOT, my bot will stop all the spam from your members. G-BOT will mute the user if needed, but please make sure you have a mute role setup so G-BOT can mute the user. Also G-BOT will kick/ban the user if the user keeps on spamming after their unmute to protect your server. By the way, G-BOT doesn't have a prefix because it is only a simple AntiSpam Bot that right when you add it to your server it will start stopping spam. G-BOT will be up 24/7. If you need support please dm TEC-9#0162


You Must Have A Muted Role Created!

Bot Will Need Manage Roles, Kick Members, Ban Members and Manage Messages To Function Correctly!

Please Make Sure G-BOT Role Is Higher Than Your Member Role!

The Bot Should Now Work!

If You Need Any Extra Support Feel Free To Contact Me TEC-9#0162!

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