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we designed this bot specifically for IT(Information technology) sector people , those who come from Cybersecurity, InfoSec and tech field (geeks & nerds). we are trying to add useful OSINT tools-commands that can help people in so many ways. bot also runs discord based CTF hacking challenge.

->Bot prefix is sudo

-> Type: sudo help - for all bot commands

-> Type: sudo cd <folder_name> - to open folder

Bot commands usage details:


◉ sudo ip <ip> - can fetch IP information
◉ sudo phlookup <number> <country_name_code> - caller id lookup
◉ sudo checkpass <password> - Check password is compromised or not
◉ sudo domain <domain> - fetch domain details
◉ sudo scan <url> - Scan website for virus
◉ sudo tempmail <any_name> - Generate real temporary email
◉ sudo tinyurl <url> - shorten any URL
◉ sudo ping <domain> - can ping any domain to check his latency and find site status also fetch IP of domain

sudo color or sudo color <hex> - can find hex of any color or generate random hex code color

sudo iambig <emoji> - make emoji bigger

sudo remind <5m> <msg> - reminder command, can ask bot to remind for anything.

sudo recover - can recover last deleted message in discord server.

sudo recover edit - can recover last edited message in discord server.

◉ sudo base64 -e <msg>` - To encode in base64
◉ sudo base64 -d <msg> - To decode in base64

sudo rot -e <type_of_rot ex:13> <msg> - encode any rot

sudo rot -d <type_of_rot> <msg> - decode any rot

sudo curl <url> <grep_obj> - grep obj from URL

◉ sudo expand <url> - Expand any URL
◉ sudo address <place_name> - Find any place address
◉ sudo gps <latitude> <longitude> - Find latitude & longitude
◉ sudo zipcode <zipcode> - Find any zipcode address
◉ sudo qrcode <data>` - QR Code Generator

Files commands

sudo touch <file_name> <content> - Make files/notes

sudo cat <file_name> - Open specific file

sudo nano <file_name> <data> - Edit specific file if u r author

sudo ls - Show all notes by author

sudo ls -a - Show all notes by every1

sudo ls <@user> - Show all notes by any specific user

sudo mv <oldname> <newname> - Rename files if u r author

sudo rm <file_name> - Delete files if u r author

sudo transfer <file_name> <user> - Transfer files to other user if u r author

sudo find <exact_notes_name> - See who own the file and usages

sudo find <any_name> - Find suitable mtach for if ther's any.

Fun commands

sudo meme - meme command (fetch from api)

sudo motivate - motivate/inspire command

sudo emoji <msg> - can convert text in emoji

sudo spoil <msg> - can cover whole message in spoiler

sudo reddit <query> - can search reedit for image

sudo advice - can give good advice using command

sudo roast - roast command for roasting each other

sudo joke - can crack joke

sudo gif - can search for gif using api

sudo choose <a> <b> - choose command, it can make decision for you

sudo call <msg> - allow you chat with different server

sudo game - play game

sudo act <@user> <msg> - act like other user

sudo tictactoe - play tictactoe

sudo connectfour <@user> - play connectfour

System commands:

sudo guildinfo - Can fetch details about server/guild

sudo whois <@user> - fetch user details using command

sudo clear <5> - can delete bulk message with manage-message permission

sudo echo <msg> - can echo whatever you say

sudo afk <mag> - set afk

sudo whoami - about bot

sudo contact <msg> - contact developer send msg

CTF commands:

sudo su - Super user access

sudo ctf run - set up ctf in current server

sudo nano/vim/cat <filename> - Open files

sudo winners - CTF winners list in current server

General commands:

sudo wiki <query> - search Wikipedia

sudo poll <title> <item1> item2> - Create poll

sudo define <query> - can define general queries

sudo covid <country> - Check covid-19 stats

sudo news - can fetch trending cyber security news

sudo tutorial - ask for random tech tutorial

sudo urban <word> - can search urban dictionary

sudo search <query> - search tech tutorial

sudo embed <#hexcolor> | <title> | <description> - create embeded msg

sudo selfdestruct <text channel> <time> <message> - create a timed msg

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