Created By: iopred# 0032


All commands can be used in private messages without the @Septapus prefix.
  • @Septapus avatar [@username] - Returns a big version of your avatar, or a users avatar if provided.
  • @Septapus comic [1-10] - Creates a comic from recent messages, or a number of messages if provided.
  • @Septapus customcomic [id:] <text> | [id:] <text> - Creates a custom comic.
  • @Septapus customcomicsimple [id:] <text> | [id:] <text> - Creates a simple custom comic.
  • @Septapus chart <up|down|flat> <vertical message>, <horizontal message> - Creates a chart trending in the desired direction.
  • @Septapus emoji <emoji> - Returns a big version of an emoji.
  • @Septapus hugemoji <emoji> - Returns a huge version of an emoji.
  • @Septapus help [topic] - Returns help for a specific topic. Available topics: comic, live, reminder
  • @Septapus invite - Returns a URL to add Septapus to your server.
  • @Septapus live <add|remove|list> - Announces when a YouTube Channel goes live.
  • @Septapus numbertrivia [number] - Returns trivia for a random number, or a specified number if provided.
  • @Septapus reminder <time> <reminder> - Sets a reminder that is sent after the provided time.
  • @Septapus stats - Lists bot statistics.
  • @Septapus streamer <streamername|streamerid> - Grabs details about a YouTube streamer.
  • @Septapus topstreamers - List the current top streamers on YouTube Gaming.
  • @Septapus wormhole <info|open|close|send <message>> - Send messages to other dimensions.