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A fairly simple bot with ties to Giphy for reactions, custom images for reactions, and features such as marriage.






Tron is a bot that started out by only replying with an image or gif based on a command someone gave, such as +wave for a wave gif.

Over time, those who used the bot began asking for more and features, and they were added and added as the ideas came in. Now, Tron has a collection of over 80 commands!

Use commands like +marry to be able to marry a close friend of yours ;) Maybe you just want to +poke someone to get their attention, or +punch someone who's starting to get a bit annoying 😂 Either way, Tron almost certainly has a reaction gif of some sort to go with the moment. If you happen to use a command that isn't already stored as an official command, a random gif is pulled from Giphy using the provided command name. So since there's no +catfish command, if you were to run it, Tron would find a random gif using a search for catfish and display it in the channel.

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