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Zira is a reaction role Discord bot that allows users to give themselves roles by reacting on messages with emojis/emotes


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  • Multiple messages
  • Multiple channels
  • Assign any role
  • User/Bot autorole on join
  • Able to use custom emojis
  • Join and Leave messages
  • Suggestions
  • Trello integration
  • Ability for a user to only get a role once (useful for guild rules)
  • Ability to give multiple roles from one emoji



User Reviews


Based on 83 reviews

avatar of Manu
Manu 2 months ago

Best reaction role bot ever.


avatar of Mysteria
Mysteria 2 months ago

Cool Bot ! ♥!♥♥♥♥♥


avatar of Ellie
Ellie 2 months ago

Zira is the best reaction role bot out there. It is incredibly customizable compared to many other reaction role bots. Very easy to use with just a few commands to be able to do relatively complex and custom setups. Perfect for the owner or admin who wants more than a basic bot that spams your DMs


avatar of Shadowstar
Shadowstar 2 months ago

When I invited Zira to my server, everything changed for the better. It is so simple to use, and gives you so much more customizability than other bots. Any server that doesn't have Zira is incomplete and boring. Plus, I love the fact that by default, it doesn't spam your DMs for every role you react to.


avatar of lepsp
lepsp 2 months ago

Me encanta Zira, es muy facil de usar y esta genial para la gente que esta empezando a hacer servidores, como yo. Lo recomiendo muchisimo


avatar of Daehkcarc
Daehkcarc 2 months ago

Zira is too good for it's own good. It has way better uptime than any other reaction bot, and much easier to use as well. Something seems a little suspicious, might be the amazing support you that you get from their support server. Who knows?


avatar of Panther
Panther 2 months ago

yeah the bot is pretty cool, super easy to setup, super customizable, fast and reliable support staff for any questions / concerns


avatar of Bridge
Bridge 2 months ago

Zira is a very easy bot to set up, even when I got stuck on their commands I joined their support server and got excellent service. Best service I received from a support server!


avatar of Zira
Zira 2 months ago

Sorry you feel this way, you're welcome to join our support server to let us know what was too complicated for you, so we can make this easier for you in the future.

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avatar of Erudian
Erudian 2 months ago

Just invited this bot to my server after struggling with restrictions on another freemium role assignment bot. Zira is much easier, more flexible (embed creation and everything), and usable for "casual" server admins. I honestly don't have much use for any of the premium features at this time, but I wouldn't hesitate to go premium if I did. Glad I found this bot, and thank you for making it available.


avatar of • 𝓚 𝓪 𝓽 𝓲 𝓮 •

Zira is the best reaction role bot. If you want to add roles by reaction, this is what you need to add on your server. ( Sorry for my English TWT )


avatar of Pαns
Pαns 2 months ago

Zira is really fucking well-made and easy to use. Litterally the best autorole/reaction roles bot you can currently find.


avatar of ComradeJarif
ComradeJarif 2 months ago

Hands down, this is the best bot for reaction roles.


avatar of Zira
Zira 2 months ago

Sorry you feel this way, you're welcome to join our support server and let us know how we can improve, or edit your response to leave proper feedback.

Replying to gaby gaby

avatar of NuggaN85
NuggaN85 2 months ago

hi, good boot :) bro languages french not finish ?

avatar of Zira
Zira 2 months ago

We have finnish support, it's just not fully completed yet. Once the translation is done it'll be in the bot!

Replying to NuggaN85

avatar of Zira
Zira 2 months ago

You can use z/help friend!

Replying to NotInzanity ツ ඞ