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Timezone bot helps you convert timezones and create live countdowns






The TimeZone Bot helps you with timezones. When you call it with a time and timezone it answers by telling you how many hours and minutes until the time happens. You can also call it with a date.

Use the commands by calling the bot with @Time Zone Bot

Use !help to see the available commands and how to use them

!convert(date) {time} {timezone} to {timezone to convert to or a list of timezones}
Use this command to convert the entered time to as many timezones as you want

!toUTC(date) {time} {timezone}
Converts the entered time to UTC

!get followed by a time and time zone (date is optional). The order should be date time time zone. The bot supports many date and time formats so you can use what you want.

!create the same way as !get, but this time the bot creates a countdown to that time and responds with a link to a countdown website.

The bot requires permissions to read and send messages.

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