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A multipurpose bot with an ch-easy to use music player that has many options for fine control. Ideal for small servers!


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New Botrule Command

🇬🇧 We've just added a new command named 'botrule' that allows you, server/bot managers, to customize the bot's behavior by changing the values of properties (called "bot rules"). This allows them to tailor the experience on their server. For instance: - 'max_queued_tracks' limits the number of tracks that may be queued at any one time in the audio player - 'allow_duplicate_tracks' controls whether or not duplicate tracks are allowed to be queued - 'max_volume' and 'min_volume' defines the range of possible values the player volume can be set to - 'parse_wikipedia', if enabled, allows the bot to search Wikipedia pages of words in [[double brackets]] in messages - and many more! Type ';;botrule list' to display the full list of rules with details. How to use: - Set the max volume to 200: 'botrule max_volume 200' - Enable Wikipedia message parsing: 'botrule parse_wikipedia true' Type ';;help botrule' for more info. Note that more rules will be added in the future! This is only the beginning. --- 🇫🇷 Nous avons ajouté une nouvelle commande nommée 'botrule' qui te permet, admin de serveur, de modifier le comportement du bot en changeant les valeurs de plusieurs propriétés (appelée "règles du bot"). Cela permet de configurer le bot pour une expérience personnalisée sur ton serveur. Par exemple: - 'max_queued_tracks' pour limiter le nombre de pistes en attente à la fois dans la file du lecteur audio - 'allow_duplicate_tracks' pour autoriser les doublons dans la file - 'max_volume' et 'min_volume' pour contrôler les limites du volume - 'parse_wikipedia' qui, si activée, permet au bot de faire des recherches Wikipédia des mots entre [[double-crochets]] dans les messages - et bien d'autres... Tape ';;botrule list' pour afficher toutes les règles avec détails. Comment l'utiliser: - Régler le volume maximal à 200: 'botrule max_volume 200' - Activer la recherche Wikipédia: 'botrule parse_wikipedia true' Tape ';;help botrule' pour plus d'infos. De nouvelles règles seront bien sûr ajoutées dans le futur ! --- KnapCheese Devs


Yet Another Multipurpose Bot

Mainly a musical bot, it also has a bunch of other commands for fun and profit utility. Knap doesn't mean anything.

Simple to use, but with advanced options, making it ideal for small servers.
Just type ;;cheese or ;;play followed by a song/video title or link. You can queue many tracks at once by separating each search/link by |. YouTube search by default.

Bot is in English by default, but you can change the language to French.
Switch using ;;switch_locale fr_FR for French and ;;switch_locale en_US for English (server managers/AdminBot role only). C'est un bot français, à la base !

All commands should start with ;;. Example: ;;image cheese. You can change this by using the set_prefix command.
If you ever forget your custom prefix, ;;help will always work and will show it to you.
Commands can also be auto-completed! ;;im will call the image command, for instance.

Main commands

  • help - Use it without argument to get a full list of known commands and aliases and a short description of each sent to you by private message. Add an argument to get help for specific commands/aliases.
  • cheese (or play) - the main music command that allows a user to add tracks to the audio player queue. Has many options and supports YouTube (default) and SoundCloud search as well as direct links (audio files, Vimeo, Bandcamp, Twitch). Use help cheese for more. Many commands are also available to control the player and manage the queue, such as: list, nowplaying, stop, pause, volume, skip, previous, seek, repeat, remove, controls, shuffle...
  • manage - disable or reenable commands. Only admins (AdminBot role) can use this.
  • restriction - limits which text channel the bot can interact with. Only admins (AdminBot role) can use this.
  • alias - add a command alias (shortcut). Useful for shortening commonly used commands.
  • print - make the bot repeat the text given as argument. Not very useful by itself, but is useful in conjunction with alias to create simple text commands.
  • last - reexcutes the last successful command.
  • image - search an image on the Internet. Has a Safe Search filter depending on which text channel type it's called it from.
  • random - throw a/multiple die/dice. By default, returns a single number between 1 and 6. Can also pick an item at random in a comma-separated list, or a random mentioned member.
  • stats - get stats of a player for the game Rainbow Six® Siege. Accepts either a nickname or an Ubisoft ID.
  • playinstant - play a short sound depending on the argument given.
  • lyrics - get the lyrics of the currently playing track or of the given song name.
  • ud - get an Urban Dictionary definition or a random one if no arguments given.
  • wikipedia - get the summary of a Wikipedia page (language depends on the bot language).
  • dog, cat and frog - get a random animal image/gif.
  • calc - calculator. calc help for a complete overview of features.
  • join and leave - make the bot join/leave your voice channel. Leaving also stops the music player.
  • auto_role - Specify a set of roles to automatically add to new members of your server.
  • filter - set up a message filter, which will automatically delete messages containing certain words.
  • kick and ban - helper commands to quickly ban or kick someone, if you have the permissions.
  • ...and many more!

Note: this a work in progress, please excuse bugs and oversights! Don't hesitate to join the support server for feedback.

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