Sonata is a Discord multi-functional polyglot bot.

Created By: Fozar# 8112

Sonata is a multi-functional polyglot bot. The bot has many modules for entertaining members, moderation, providing useful information and utilities and much more.

  • Admin This module is responsible for the unique behavior of the bot in your guild. You can disable and enable modules and commands, change the language and prefix of the bot and so on
  • Emoji The module allows you to get detailed information about emoji, and also keeps emoji usage statistics.
  • Fun A large set of entertainment commands. Everything from 8ball and D&D roll to cat and dog pictures.
  • General General commands and information.
  • Locale This module allows you to set the language in direct messages and display a list of supported languages.
  • Mod Using this module, moderators can ban, unban, kick, mute members, bulk delete flood and other moderator things. All actions can be logged in the modlog.
  • Reminder This module allows you to create reminders for a specific event after a certain amount of time using natural language.
  • Stats The module is responsible for general statistics and level system.
  • Streams This module allows you to track online broadcasts of your favorite streamers with the possibility of flexible settings.
  • Tags Tags is a very useful feature that allows you to save information for further retrieval. There are many ways to use this module. You can, for example, save links to funny pictures, quotes from great people, or even make a local knowledge base. Advanced tag search will help you with this.
  • Utils Various useful utilities, such as a calculator, weather and virus info.