Rust Companion


Rust companion helps you see your stats, your server's stats and even can tell you how to do the puzzles!

Rust Companion Commands Prefix: rc!

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Created By: IceyyM8# 0816

The all in one Rust bot

Rust companion shows things like player stats, accuracy and explosive damage (vanilla) against deployables!

Also server status are provided for the server of your choice, with players and uptime!

New updates are being made as we speak to show more smelting detail, Stick around!

We will also never charge for this bot

Rust companion commands

• Info | Provides bot info
• Invite | Provides you with an invite
• Purge | Deletes the number of messages
• Mvote | Start a map vote in the tagged channel
• UserID | Sets your steam 64 id
• Server-id | Sets your server's id (from rust-servers.net)
• Autorole | Sets the role for auto role to the tagged role
• Logs | Sets the log channel to the tagged channel

• Update | Shows the last Rust Update
• Current | Shows how many players are on Rust worldwide
• Status | Shows the status of your server
• Combat | Shows combat stats
• KD | Shows your KD
• Building | Shows building stats
• Animals | Shows animal stats
• Achievements | Shows achievements
• Raid | Shows raiding info
• Puzzle | Shows puzzle info
• Weapons | Shows weapon info
• Bases | Shows some nice base designs

• Profile | Shows the steam profile
• Discord-stats | Shows discord's server statuses

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