Bot I'm writing for fun. Has 2 different functions atm. A game and a messenger. Minimal permissions.

DanBot Commands Prefix: > and t.

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Created By: Dan# 3362

Little bot I decided to write for practise. Has two different functions at the moment:

  1. Is a little game where you can create and lock(claim a character so others can't change it) a character, and then battle them with other characters. (still workin on this one)
  2. A messenger where you can send a message to any other server the bot is currently on. Whether the bot selects a server at random or not is up to you. (mostly done but I'm up for suggestions) Bot doesn't need any permisions besides view channels and send messages and whatnot. (should this change I will let you know)

Honestly I just want people to send memes to with the messenger bot. Don't send anything too lewd tho cause or you will be banned.
If you receive anything that's NSFW react to it with :exclamation: aka exclamation and it will be sent to the BotAdmins for review.
Please don't send false reports. Too many and you could receive a ban.
If you would like to apply to be a BotAdmin just use t.apply and type out a short application. I'll get back to you when I see it.

I plan to keep adding features and such, I'd love suggestions if anyone has any!

Hope to see you soon!❤️❤️❤️

Current Commands:
prefix (>) [ ] = required ( ) = optional
>addpfp [img url] adds a profile pic to a character.
>battle [character 1] [character 2] (events) Battle characters
>create [character] Create character(s)
>deletechar [character] Delete a character
>descript [character] [description] Adds a description to a character.
>help (command) Shows help messages. Can be used to get more info on commands
>leaderboard Shows the leaderboard for Boss wins.
>list List all characters.
>listevents List Events
>lock [character] Locks a given character
>owner [character] Returns owner of character.
>reroll [character] Reroll character stats
>rollfunc(num) Roll Dice default is 20
>stats [character] List stats of character.
t.optin Opts the server into the messaging service. YOU MUST DO THIS TO USE THE MESSENGER.
t.apply [application] Apply to become a Danbot admin. reiterates how to report messages. (command) same as before.
t.inbox sets channel as the default channel to receive messages for other server.
t.list list other servers
t.send [message] send messages to a random server
t.sendto [server name] [message] send messages to a given server. Spaces need to be replaced with unscores:_
t.ban [@mention] (reason) BOTADMIN ONLY bans a user.
t.unban [@mention] BOTADMIN ONLY unbans banned user.
t.banlog BOTADMIN ONLY gives ban log
t.listban BOTADMIN ONLY list banned users
t.giveadmin BOTOWNER ONLY Gives botadmin to a user.
t.revokeadmin BOTOWNER ONLY Revokes botadmin of a user.