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Multi purpose Discord Bot made using discord.js, focused on quality, organization and enjoyability.


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Switchblade is a free and open source solution to your server managing problems, built from scratch with code organization and quality in mind. Our goal is to cover as many functionalities and niches as possible, while still maintaining high quality.


Switchblade has over 130 commands, and having to update a list here would be unproductive. Instead, we have a commands page on our website that pulls command metadata straight out of the running bot, so you always get the latest information. Check it out!


We've put a lot of effort into our music system, so you always get the best listening experience. Our system accepts URLs from many different services, like YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer, Mixer, Twitch, and many more. In order to provide you ears with delightful lag-free music, we've spread our Lavalink nodes around the globe, so there's always a low latency connection available to the voice server you're in.

To play a song, join a voice channel and type s!play <query>. The <query> can be anything you want, from a song name to a Spotify playlist URL, we've got you covered!

Playback control commands

Command Description
s!play <song> Plays a song or adds it to the queue
s!queue Displays the current queue
s!queue remove <number> Removes a specific song from the queue
s!queue jump <number> Jumps to a specific song on the queue
s!queue clear Removes everything from the queue, except the current song
s!queue shuffle Shuffles the queue
s!skip Skips the current song
s!volume <0-150> Adjusts the volume
s!bassboost We'll leave this one for you to try yourself.


Sponsors are organizations and companies that contribute to our projects with money. They get their logo with a link to their website on this page! Click here and become a sponsor today!


Backers are the people who contribute to our projects monetarily. They get their image with a link to their website on this page, an awesome badge on their Switchblade profile and a role that grants exclusive access to some channels in our discord server. Click here and become a backer today!

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