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Lola will be 24/7 online, over 70 commands loaded | © kizakuri

Lola | Discord Bot | #BLACKLIVESMATTER

Full Name - Lola#0344

Bot Version - Alpha 3.0.0

Command Size - 74 Commands

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My prefix is o! to use one of my commands. Type my prefix and a command name, here is an example: o!dice

if you got any questions use o!support or add me on discord elena#7919

Lola Bot | Changelog

Changelog Archive: https://imgur.com/a/OJClvjh

  • Friday, 16th October 2020: Host fixes & new command added o!amongmemes
  • Monday, 19th October 2020: Command o!rate updated!
  • Monday, 19th October 2020: Command o!quotes and o!amongmemes updated!
  • Monday, 19th October 2020: Command o!ping updated!
  • Wednesday, 21th October 2020: Command o!cadge updated!
  • Sunday, 25th October 2020: Command o!battle updated!
  • Monday, 26th October 2020: Fixing Host issues
  • Monday, 2nd November 2020: Host issues fixxed, Bot back online!

Utility Commands (8)

userinfo - Show's the Avatar of the mentioned User

serverinfo - Gives you Informations about the Server

guildicon - Shows the Icon of the Server

avatar - Send's you a Invite Link for the Bot

anime - Shows Informations about the mentioned Anime

urban - Surf through the Urban Dictionary! (only in a NSFW channel)

covid (usage: o!covid China) - Shows you current COVID-19 cases of the country

covid all (usage: o!covid all Shows you the current global COVID-19 Cases

Bot Commands (6)

help - Sends you a list of all commands the bot uses

ping - See the ping of the Bot

botinfo - All informations about the Bot will be listed

invite - Sends you a Invite Link for the Bot via DM's

support - Sends you a Invite Link for the Support Server via DM's

uptime - Shows how long the Bot is online.

Moderations Commands (7)

warn [@user] [reason] - Warn's the mentioned User

kick [@user] [reason] - Kick's the mentioned User from the Server

ban [@user] [reason] - Ban's the mentioned User from the Server

tempmute [@user] [s/m/h] - Mute's the mentioned User

report [@user] [reason] - Report's the mentioned User

purge [any number] - Clear's the Chat

Image Commands (13)

pepe - Sends you some Pepe Pictures & Gifs

wack - This is wack!

derp - If you feel dumb sometimes, use this command

derptle - I was always wondering about how the Ninja Turtles would look like a derp

quotes - Some inspiring quotes will be shown

doggo - Cute doggo pictures

randomavatar - Send random discord/forum avatars you may find something cool

coffee - Sometimes you deserved a drink

sad - Sadness is an Part of us

cry - Tears are coming from our Heart, not from our Brain.

delet - DELET this! (meme)

catto - Randomized Cat pictures

dance - Make some moves ;)

Anime / Reaction Commands (10)

kiss - Kisses the user you have mentioned

kill - Kills the user you have mentioned

slap - Slaps the user you have mentioned

lick - Licks the user you have mentioned

emote - Shows some emotes, maybe some of them fits the current situation ;)*

hug - Hugs the user you have mentioned

sayian - If you're angry, it might triggers your Saiyan KI

ui - Who will be obtaine the Ultra Instinct?

animegif - Shows you some Anime GIF's (no nsfw)

animepic - Shows you some random anime pictures (no nsfw)

Fun Commands (18)

meme - Shows you some random reddit memes

8b - It might gives you an answer for every question you have

battle - Let's have a Pokémon Battle

hole - Trust me, don't use it.

discordmemes - Shows you random memes about our beloved platform discord

roast - Roasts the mentioned user immediately

rate - Rates any User you've mentioned

roulette - Play some roulette, but take care you might not survive it

mock - Mention a user, and see what happens :D

beautiful - A little beautiful calculator, for every user who got mentioned

fmk - Such an old trend coming up, just mention a User and see what happens

dice - Role the dice, will you hit the 6?

joke - Tells you some random jokes

flip - Coin flipping yey!

dead - random ''wasted'' memes

cnjoke - Random Chuck Norris Jokes

match - Love calculating between 2 Users :o

amongmemes - Memes about the new hype game Among Us

Text Commands (8)

lenny - Some good old lenny faces (randomized)

cadge - Steal something from the Bot, take care she's poor sometimes ;)

beartext - Some bear faces, they're cute! (randomized)

ascii - Asciifys every text you've putted in

fliptext - Flips your text, try it :)

rps - Rock.. Paper.. Scissors!

owo - You know..

cookie - Give someone a Cookie!

NSFW Commands (4)

Remember, those Commands are only available in a NSFW Channel!

hentais - Shows some random Hentai GIF's

neko - Some neko pictures for everyone

pawg - Some Pictures & GIF's for booty lovers

gif - Randomized NSFW GIF's

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