Discord RPG


Discord bot that allows users to do things typical in RPG games such as fighting, training and leveling up.

Created By: kenny# 7811

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Discord bot that allows users to do things typical in RPG games such as fighting, training and leveling up.

The game has 3 stats that you can train with stamina which you gain every 5 minutes. Power gives you more damage, speed allows you to get more hits in, and strength gives you more defense while also adding a little bit more damage.

As you level up, your health increases and you get an increase in stats each time you train.

Getting Started

To add the bot to your discord server, please click on the discord button on top which contains the invite link. To register yourself to the bot, please type r!profile on any server which contains the bot.

List of Commands

r!help - Explains the basic concept of the game.
r!commands - Lists all available commands.
r!profile - Lists out a player's level, stamina, stats, and amount of gold owned.
r!stamina - Displays the amount of stamina the player currently has.
r!train power X - Trains power X amount of times.
r!train strength X - Trains strength X amount of times.
r!train speed X - Trains speed X amount of times. 
r!fight @name - Fights the person on the server that is mentioned.
r!monsters - Lists out all available monsters to hunt and their levels.
r!hunt MONSTER X - Hunts the monster X amount of times. Replace MONSTER with the monster name.
r!crate - Explanation on item crates. 
r!crate weapon X - Buy X amount of weapon crates and opens them.
r!crate armor X - Buy X amount of armor crates and opens them.
r!server - Link to the official Discord RPG server. Join for update announcements and to give feedback 
	   to help shape the development of the game.
r!vote - Link to vote for Discord RPG on Discord Bots for rewards!
r!credits - The concept of power, speed, and strength is based on an old school RPG game called hobowars. 
	    The item icons used are available on https://game-icons.net

Join the community!

Discord RPG is currently in beta and development is ongoing. We are open to suggestions and ideas which can be posted on our official discord server! Stay tuned by joining the official server!