A Chat Bot based using the cloud-based CleverBot service, CleverBot.io

CleverBot Commands Prefix: @mention

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Fun Social

Created By: TheHacker# 9367


CleverBot is an Artificial Intelligence chat bot fueled by CleverBot.io, the Open Source CleverBot repo. CleverBot also has a quick response time and allows you to bind it to one specific channel for ease of use.
CleverBot also has a quick response time and no complex configurations so you can get right to chatting (and if you want CleverBot to ignore a message just start it with <ignore>).


bind - Bind CleverBot to a channel (you can change this at any time) -- REQUIRED PERMISSIONS: Manage Channels
unbind - Unbind CleverBot to a channel -- REQUIRED PERMISSION: Manage Channels settings - Available settings for CleverBot privacy - View CleverBot's privacy notice
credits - View all of the projects/people that helped CleverBot become a reality
findchannel - Finds the channel CleverBot is bound to


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