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Administration tools, syncing emotes with FrankerFaceZ, Pokemon Plugin, and not much more!


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If you have any issues, feel free to join the support Discord.

The main prefix for the bot is ~ but ! or p! are usable as well. You can enable or disable prefixes by looking at the SmokeyBot Commands below.

SmokeyBot Commands

  • ~sync-emotes-ffz CHANNEL_NAME
    • Uploads a channel's FrankerFaceZ Emotes to a Discord server's emojis.
    • This requires MANAGE_EMOJI permission for the bot and the user activating it in the server.
  • ~invite
    • Sends invite link for the bot.
  • ~vote
    • Get link to vote for the bot.
  • ~check-vote
    • Check to see if you've voted in the last 12 hours and get a bonus for the Pokémon plugin.
  • ~|p!|!
    • Prefixes.
  • ~prefix enable|disable !|~|p!
    • Enable or disable particular prefixes to your liking. prefix default restores it to default.
  • ~commands|help
    • Displays this file in an image.

Pokemon Commands

Create a channel called pokémon-spawns for the spawns otherwise it won't work properly.

  • ~smokemon enable|disable

    • Enable/disable the Pokemon Plugin.
  • catch|キャッチ|抓住|capture %monster%

    • Catch a monster. Case insensitive. Most monsters can be caught in Japanese, French, or Chinese. (Except new ones and can get translations)
  • bal|balance|bank|currency

    • Check your currency balance.
  • item [command] (args)

    • buy
      • item number|item name
      • Buy an item and put it in your inventory.
    • remove|- %monster_id%
      • Remove a monster's item.
    • balance
      • Check your currency balance.
    • give|+ %item_id% %monster_id%
      • Give a monster an item.
    • list|items|=
      • List all your items in your inventory. (Not your monsters).
    • shop %page_number%
      • Check the shop for items.
  • trade [command] (args)

    • start @User %monster_id%
      • Starts a trade with mentioned user.
    • cancel|delete|del|-
      • Cancels latest trade.
    • accept|confirm|acc|+
      • Accepts a trade.
  • dex|d %monster_name% (shiny)

    • Look up a Monster in the Dex. Optionally add shiny at the end to see the shiny version image.
  • search %monster_name% (iv|level|id|shiny|name) (high|low) (page)

    • Search your Monsters.
  • pokemon|p %monster_name% (iv|level|id|shiny|name) (high|low) (page|legendary|mythical|ultrabeast|shiny|mega)

    • Search your Monsters.
  • favorites|favourites %monster_name% (iv|level|id|shiny|name) (high|low) (page|legendary|mythical|ultrabeast|shiny|mega)

    • Search your Favorite Monsters.
  • favorite|favourite %monster_id%

    • Favorite a monster.
  • unfavorite|unfavourite %monster_id%

    • Unfavorite a monster.
  • info|i %monster_id%

    • Show information for a monster.
  • info latest|i l

    • Show information for latest monster.
  • release %monster_id% (%monster_id% %monster_id%...)

    • Release a monster. Release more monsters by typing a space in between each ID. Up to 20.
  • recover %monster_id%

    • If you accidentally release the wrong monster you can recover it this way.
  • select %monster_id%

    • Select a monster to level up while you chat in Discord.

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avatar of mmatt
mmatt 1 month ago

I only use this bot to sync FFZ emotes, but its pretty great at that sooooo 5/5