Overlord is a customizable bot for your Discord server.
It has many features like moderation, utility, logging, economy and more.

Default prefix is "*", but it can be changed afterwards with "setprefix."

Moderation - Moderation with Mod log, mute,kick,ban,warn
Auto Moderation - Filter which is customizable
Logging- Logging certain events, which is fully customizable
Customizable Moderator Commands
Alias System
Economy - An economy minigame with gambling games
Fun- Various fun commands
Customizable prefix

Overlord's Commands List:

*setprefix <new prefix> Changes the prefix to the specified one.
*say <message> Repeats the given message in the channel.
*saychannel <channel> <message> Says the given message in the given channel.
*filter Shows filtered words.
*addfilter <word> Adds the word to filter.
*removefilter <word> Removes the word from filter.
*mute <ID/mention> Mutes the user.
*unmute <ID/mention> Unmutes the user.
*kick <ID/mention> Kicks the user.
*ban <ID/mention> Bans the user.
*hackban Ban a user by their ID. Use for people who are not currently in your server.
*warn <ID/mention> <message> Warns the user with a DM.
*unban <ID/mention> Unbans the user.
*purge <amount of messages> Purges the given amount of messages from the channel.
*addrole <ID/mention> <role name> Adds the given role to the specified person.
*removerole <ID/mention> <role name> Removes the given role from the specified person.
*logs Allows you to edit logging settings. There are also commands like *logs setchannel <channel name>, *logs [enable/disable] [type]
*roleinfo <role name> Shows detailed info about the given role.
*listrole <role name> Lists all the members who has the given role.
*alias Allows you to manage command aliases. Can be added/deleted with *alias [add/del] <alias name> <command>
*modlogs Allows you to edit modlogs settings. You can use *modlogs <enable/disable> and *modlogs setchannel <channel name>
*resetcases Resets modlogs cases.
*ignore When this command is typed, the channel is ignored by the bot from non-staff people. You can remove this with *dontignore.
*dontignore Removes bot ignore channel.
*admins Manages administrators. *admins [add/del] <ID/mention> is useful.
*mods Similar to admins, this command manages moderators. Similar like *admins, *mods <add/del> <ID/mention> is used.
*modcmds  Allows you to edit moderator commands.
*stats Shows bot statistics.
*8ball <question> Ask a question to the bot and it will answer it!
*fact Shows a random fact.
*userinfo <ID/mention> Shows detailed information about an user.
*server Shows detailed information about the server where the command is typed.
*reverse <text> Reverses the message.
*fliptext <text> Flips the message.
*destruct Creates self destructing messages.
*shoot <ID/mention> Shoots the user. The chance is random though, you may miss it!
*toss Toss a coin.
*xkcd Shows a random XKCD meme.
*catfact Shows a random cat fact.
*dogfact Shows a random dog fact.
*color <hex> Shows information about the given color hex.
*info Shows info about the bot.
*emojiinfo <emoji> Shows information about the given emoji.
*currency Shows your currency information.
*channel Shows channel information.
*crimerate Shows your crimerate.
*fortune Tells you fortune.
*leet Converts text to leet text.
*robotify Robotified IDs.
*rps Plays rock paper scissors.
*daily Daily currency.
*doubleornothing <amount> Double or Nothing game.
*globallb Global currency leaderboard.

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