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Purity Bot

Use !help or purity!help for a full list of commands


🎊 Purity has officially hit 9000 active servers!! 🎊

Main Features

► Pet System
Allow users to adopt an animal (choose from over 40 different kinds of pets!) to train, level up, and fight with. Includes tons of unique features that will make players addicted to your server and makes currency worthwhile!

► Music Player
A music player for all your discord needs (Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitch, and more!)

► Custom Ranks
Allow your players to buy or earn ranks (server roles)! Can require money, levels, or even another role before obtaining!

► Mod/Admin Roles
Allow your mods/admins to have access to special commands!

► Reaction Roles
Let players assign (and unassign) themselves ranks just by reacting to a specific message!

► Economy
Enjoy your very own leveling and currency system! Customize LEVELING EQUATION, daily bonus amounts, currency name, give/set points, etc.!

► Auto Role
Automatically assign a role to members when they join!

► Birthdays
Track and announce birthdays within your server!

► Soundboard
Over 100+ sounds to play on your voice channels!

► Welcome Messages
Customize your own welcome messages and send them via DM or in a channel!

► Gambling
Have extra currency around? Try your hand at some gambling games!

► Polls
Create reaction polls for your users to vote in!

► Giveaways
Host a variety of giveaways for members of your discord (incld. role and level requirements)!

► Twitch Alerts
Have a favorite streamer(s) in your community? Let people know when they go live!

► Notebook
Keep track of notes in your personalized notebook!

► Fun Stuff
There are tons of other features such as 8ball, memes, My Hero Academia quotes, dice rolls, and more to explore!

Purity Bot is a new bot and is in constant development. More features are planned and already in development to be released in the coming weeks!

Come join the support channel to add suggestions, report bugs, and provide feedback! I love adding features you want!



Version 4.1.1
Posted: 9/30/19

Small update: Pins, !votes, and some bug fixes

New Features
  • Added a set of Minecraft pins to the !pinshop as well as a pretty animated Fall pin!
  • Added !votes to see how many vote points you have (#QualityOfLife)
    • Tweaked !notes to have a little notebook icon next to it (this shouldn't have been in the patch notes really, but I felt it was important - dannypent)
    • Tweaked welcome messages to now properly mention the new member
      • Fixed a bug with !rr not allowing you to swap between pages
      • Fixed a bug where birthdays were not showing in date order

        Version 4.1.0
        Posted: 9/22/19

        Music overhaul + Notebook + misc. bug fixes and changes

        New Features
        • Added an entirely redone music player
        • Added music player now supports: youtube, soundcloud, vimeo, bandcamp, mixer, twitch, and shoutcast
        • Added a notebook for you on every server; no more trying to remember! (!notebook, !notebook add, !notebook edit, !notebook delete)
          • Tweaked !give to now allow you to give exp as well (!give @user exp 50) #QualityOfLife
          • Tweaked !money to now work with !bal #QualityOfLife
            • Fixed a bug with reaction roles not being able to be setup by command in other channels
            • Fixed a bug with the !summon command not always working
            • Fixed a bug with birthdays not displaying properly on mobile
            • Fixed a bug with some database max boundaries

              Version 3.6.1
              Posted: 8/4/19

              Just a quick little update (I'm so, so sorry.)

              New Features
              • Added over 100+ soundboard commands (!soundboard to check them all out)
              • Added !remove to remove points from individual members
              • Added !creeper (enjoy the meme --- must be in voice channel)
                • Tweaked Misc. music player things (should better tell you if something goes wrong)
                  • Fixed A bug where !hangman leave was not shown in the game for hangman

                    Version 3.6.0
                    Posted: 7/16/19

                    Ah, patch descriptions. No idea what to call this one.

                    New Features
                    • Added !config levelmessage so you can now customize the level notification message (about time)
                    • Added !levelup to see how your custom level-up message looks
                    • Added !weather to check the weather anywhere in the world (why not)
                    • Added the option to use multiple of an item at once using !pet use in the pet system
                    • Added a new spiderman pin to the !pinshop
                    • Added !hangman (keep in mind it's only a demo version for now to gauge what people think)
                      • Tweaked Twitch to use increased API limit calls to avoid missing livestreams.
                      • Tweaked a certain easter egg command to no longer be used (we'll come up with better stuff)
                      • Tweaked !level to now have an alias for !exp (I've typed it this way so many times, I'm tired of it not working)
                        • Fixed a small bug with giveaways accepting improper time parameters (bet you didn't even notice)
                        • Fixed a small bug with giveaways not letting you enter Now to run the giveaway instantly
                        • Fixed a small bug with giveaways sometimes not showing the winners name, just their user ID
                        • Fixed a bug where !config help wasn't displaying properly
                        • Fixed a bug where images were not showing up on !boku (All for One was being a pain)
                        • Fixed a bug where !help wouldn't display the config commands
                        • Fixed a documentation issue with !config empoweradmins

                          Version 3.5.0
                          Posted: 6/17/19

                          This patch is mostly a rewrite of the giveaway and twitch modules to make them work better (hope you enjoy!).

                          New Features
                          • Added !embed to make customized RichEmbeds (colored box messages)!
                          • Added the option to have giveaways require a specific rank
                          • Added the option to have giveaways require a certain level
                          • Added the option to have giveaways pick multiple winners (up to 20)
                          • Added !gcancel - to get rid of giveaways you no longer want
                          • Added !glist - to see all active giveaways on your server
                          • Added !gedit time - to change when a giveaway will pick winners
                          • Added !gedit prize - to change the prize of a giveaway if something better comes along
                          • Added !grun - to manually run a giveaway (you can also use it to select new winners up to 24h after a giveaway ends)
                            • Tweaked twitch module to be faster and less broke (like it wasn't bad, but it was.... ok, we hated it too)
                            • Tweaked !pinshop to no longer have the Avengers Pin (you had like 2 months, tough)
                            • Tweaked the entire giveaway system - see !giveaway
                            • Tweaked giveaways to no longer assign a temporary role to people that enter the giveaway
                            • Tweaked giveaways to now update time remaining to enter
                              • Fixed a bug with !set not giving exp (sorry)

                                Version 3.4.0
                                Posted: 6/2/19

                                It's been awhile since the last patch due to some vacations and busy time, but we're back! This patch has a few requests people have been looking for over the past few months.

                                New Features
                                • Added Custom birthday notifications! Check out !config bdaymessage for details.
                                  • Tweaked !ranks to display custom ranks in numerical price order (descending order)! Note: Ranks without a price WILL BE LAST
                                  • Tweaked !pinshop to now have a new stock of pins (some old, some new)
                                  • Tweaked !config levelequation to update the levels of all members to match the new equation
                                    • Fixed a bug with level notifications not appearing where a user last sent a message with the 'everywhere' setting (sorry senpai!)
                                    • Fixed a bug where vote counts were not displaying correctly in !server
                                    • Fixed a bug where twitch notifications stopped working (blame people that no longer use Purity)

                                      Version 3.3.1
                                      Posted: 5/6/19

                                      Minor patch update!

                                      • Tweaked Cinco de Mayo pin to no longer be available
                                      • Tweaked the Pin Shop's inventory
                                      • Tweaked removed Easter Bunny from Level Up image
                                        • Fixed more music player issues (why can this thing go wrong in so many unique ways)

                                          Version 3.3.0
                                          Posted: 4/28/19

                                          Just a nice little update that adds custom leveling and a few tweaks/fixes!

                                          New Features
                                          • Added the ability to customize your server's leveling equation!!!! (!config levelequation)
                                          • Added a new Cinco de Mayo pin to the !pinshop
                                          • Added a SPECIAL pin to commemorate a certain ultima-supreme movie (guess which one)
                                            • Tweaked !punch to be slightly smaller (Discord couldn't handle the All Might)
                                            • Tweaked the Easter Bunny to no longer be available (awww)
                                            • Tweaked pet system will no longer assign a rank based on the type of pet you adopt (not a really useful feature, maybe it'll come back in the future but only if people request it)
                                              • Fixed a bug where you could not set a role's price to 0 once it changed from its default value (oops)

                                                Version 3.2.1
                                                Posted: 4/22/19

                                                Just a small update with mostly tweaks and bug fixes.

                                                New Features
                                                • Added !hug for all you weir... love birds!
                                                • Added !punch DETROIT SMASH!!!
                                                  • Tweaked !profile to have a facelift (real different now)
                                                  • Tweaked !pins to show 10 pins per page instead of 5
                                                  • Tweaked !bdays to show 10 birthdays per page instead of 5
                                                  • Tweaked !queue to no longer list the currently playing song in the queue (it's already playing silly Purity)
                                                  • Tweaked !np to provide a link to the original song on YouTube
                                                    • Fixed a bug with nickname changes not appearing properly in mod logs (sorry #360noscope,I mean George.)
                                                    • Fixed a bug where Purity would stop responding to music commands if it was moved between channels
                                                    • Fixed a bug where the music player would break

                                                      Version 3.2.0
                                                      Posted: 4/6/19

                                                      Finally got around to adding/updating some requested features, enjoy!

                                                      New Features
                                                      • Added the second pin series: Creatures! Collect all 5 of em to complete the set!
                                                      • Added an Easter Bunny pin to the !pin shop (yay bunny!)
                                                      • Added a new config option to set birthday notifications to appear in a specific channel (about time)
                                                      • Added the ability to auto-assign a role when someone joins your server (magical)
                                                      • Added custom ranks that have no price or role requirement will now AUTOMATICALLY be assigned when a user levels up to the appropriate required level (yay quality of life!)
                                                      • Added !giverolepoints to give points to a specific role (fun fun)
                                                      • Added a vote crate to the pet system (double the rewards of a daily crate)
                                                      • Added !ascii to convert text to ASCII (so cool wow! but it's only for voters as a reward)
                                                      • Added !config voteincentive to give players an extra way to make money each day by voting for the bot at !vote (please support Purity if you can <3) <-- we will be listing the top voting servers on the website in the future
                                                        • Tweaked the [Retro] pin series to no longer be available (better luck next time)
                                                        • Tweaked birthday notifications to now mention the user instead of just putting their name
                                                        • Tweaked level notifications to look a bit more fun
                                                        • Tweaked vote confirmation messages to include a little blurb if any of your servers offer vote incentives (just cuz)
                                                        • Tweaked !server to now display how many times members of your server have voted for Purity
                                                        • Tweaked some back-end stuff to allow for stat tracking
                                                          • Fixed a bug where you were not able to use animated emojis for reaction roles (NOTE: they MUST be on your server i.e., no external emojis)
                                                          • Fixed a bug where birthdays could disappear after your birthday happened (bad gift)
                                                          • Fixed a bug with !help not showing 'fun' commands
                                                          • Fixed yet another !leaderboard bug (the final one hopefully)

                                                            Version 3.1.0
                                                            Posted: 3/25/19

                                                            Few bug fixes and some new 'memey' commands

                                                            New Features
                                                            • Added a page for patch notes / updates on the website - it's called: changelog (WOAH)
                                                            • Added server counts on our other bot listing pages (you should check em out)
                                                            • Added !slap (username) to slap your frien... I mean enemies (ooh, fancy new image stuff opens many new doors)
                                                            • Added !nope (username) to nope away (this is bad...)
                                                            • Added !scroll (username) to NYEHHH people (what have I become...)
                                                            • Added !snap (username) to snap someone out of existance (almost time for End Game!)
                                                              • Tweaked how member seniority is calculated on !member (thanks Rach.)
                                                              • Tweaked !pins buy to now support aliases (no more [Retro] Blaster, just blaster)
                                                              • Tweaked !vol to be disabled at this time in order to improve music quality (will be reevaluated in the future)
                                                                • Fixed a bug with custom ranks (don't worry, nothing major; just annoyed us)
                                                                • Fixed a bug with shards randomly crashing and not come back online (sorry shard 2)
                                                                • Fixed a bug with reaction roles sometimes not work on the first reaction after a reload
                                                                • Fixed !flip and !gs (previous update broke their paths, sad...)


                                                                  Version 3.0.0

                                                                  • Added support for sharding (a REQUIRED update for the bot to continue expanding past 2500 servers)
                                                                  • Tweaked config options for all non-role related options are now able to be modified by the Admin Role (still restricts roles for security)
                                                                  • Tweaked St. Patrick's Day pins to no longer be available (sad face)
                                                                  • Tweaked !info to now display your server's Shard ID if an error occurs
                                                                  • Fixed an issue with the !mute command (thanks BawZ for the report)
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with pet walk still giving errors when a pet found items
                                                                  • Fixed a bug preventing admin only mode from being configurable (rip)


                                                                  Version 2.3.3

                                                                  • Tweaked config options for all non-role related options to now be able to be modified by the Admin Role (still restricts role for security)


                                                                  Version 2.3.2

                                                                  • Tweaked how experience is gained to now ignore some other basic bot prefixes (bot spam from other bots will be less likely to help people level)
                                                                  • Tweaked !summon to now display more accurate results
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with level spamming notifications on exp change


                                                                  Version 2.3.1

                                                                  • Added Admin Only mode to only allow people with "Administrator" permission to use the bot (!config adminonly )
                                                                  • Tweaked !help to now work as !purity (just in case people think this should be the command)
                                                                  • Tweaked documentation for !choose and !help commands
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with experience gain


                                                                  Version 2.3.0

                                                                  • Added 10 new pins!! (2 for St. Patrick's Day, 1 for voting, and the first pin series [Retro] with 7 pins to collect)
                                                                  • Added option to enable level notifications (they're still not pretty, but I love them anyway)
                                                                  • Added option to setup level notifications to only appear in a certain channel (YAY NO SPAM)
                                                                  • Added option to configure a welcome message for when new users join your server (hi new best friends)
                                                                  • Added option to setup welcome messages to be sent as a DM or in a specific channel (oooooh, options)
                                                                  • Added !welcome command to view what your welcome message will look like
                                                                  • Tweaked !info to no longer have a bazillion and 1 digits (ugly. Pure ugly.)
                                                                  • Tweaked !help to include links to the support Discord and website (#helpful)
                                                                  • Tweaked !play to now work with !p (your welcome *bows*)
                                                                  • Tweaked !pinlist to work with multiple pages (dang thing got too long)
                                                                  • Tweaked Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year Pins to no longer be available (Bye Bye Love Pigs -- get it?)
                                                                  • Tweaked various music things to try and make it better (take #4232747848)
                                                                  • Fixed !pet shop bug not showing because of being too long (now it also has multiple pages, WOW)
                                                                  • Fixed !pet walk showing as finding null stuff should no longer be the case (note the word should)
                                                                  • Fixed !rps showing as undefined if you type r, p, or s (short-hand stuff is annoying... but useful)
                                                                  • Fixed !config ranks add showing incorrect error messages (my bad)
                                                                  • Fixed Mod logs for deleted messages showing the wrong person deleting them (oops)


                                                                  Version 2.2.2

                                                                  • Added 3 new end-game monsters for Pet System (good luck)
                                                                  • Added 1 new pin for Chinese New year (get it while you can)
                                                                  • Tweaked Groundhog Day pin to no longer be available (better luck next year!)
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with channel mod log message spam (whoops)
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with reaction roles not working with some emojis (RIP)


                                                                  Version 2.2.1

                                                                  • Added !invite to get an invite link for the bot
                                                                  • Added !config modlog to setup a channel to receive log reports (may all your moderator log dreams be true!)
                                                                  • Added tracking of role creation/modification/deletion, emoji creation/deletion, bans/unbans, serverjoins/leaves, kicks, nickname changes, role assignments/unassignments, deleted/modified messages, bulk message deletes from !purge, and server changes (such as region, name, etc.)
                                                                  • Tweaked !member to display your position in the server (who joined before others) and when you made your Discord account
                                                                  • Tweaked !info to display Patreon (literally not looking for your money, but figured why not put it here)
                                                                  • Fixed some bugs with muting a user


                                                                  Version 2.2.0

                                                                  • Added !rps to let you play rock, paper, scissors with the bot! (SO MUCH FUN...)
                                                                  • Added !patreon if you'd like to donate to the bot's development and get some fun perks (eww money)
                                                                  • Added !server to check out your server stats (cool stats!)
                                                                  • Added !member to check your or a specific user's server stats (WOAH, MORE STATS!!!)
                                                                  • Added !mute and !unmute to mute/unmute a user on your Discord (starting to put some more moderation tools into effect: this can be used by modrole/adminrole/owner)
                                                                  • Added 4 new pins to be earned / brought! (Gotta collect em' all)
                                                                  • Tweaked oh boy! Purity doesn't blow out your ear drums anymore between songs (volume won't revert to painful 100% ear breaking volume between songs)
                                                                  • Tweaked you can no longer control music if you are not in the same voice channel as the bot. (You can't be the DJ if you're not listening to your own music!)
                                                                  • Tweaked Purity will eventually leave a voice channel if everyone else has left it (I don't just play for an empty room!)
                                                                  • Tweaked !daily and !pet crate daily now show exactly how much time is left before you can claim again (fun fact: everyone is not on the same time zone)
                                                                  • Tweaked the Frosty and Christmas 2018 pins are no longer availabe for puchase from the pinshop (bye bye!)
                                                                  • Fixed a bunch of issues with the music module
                                                                  • Fixed bad sound quality of music (hopefully)
                                                                  • Fixed a bug causing false alerts for birthdays (sorry Squidward)


                                                                  • Added !reactroles to now allow you to configure Reaction Roles and Messages! Let your members automatically assign themselves roles by simply reacting to a specific message!
                                                                  • Added !reactmessages, !reactrole add, !reactrole remove, !reactrole assign, and !reactrole unassign to go with !reactroles (yay!)
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with T-Rex pets not working (my bad dino pets)
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with entry giveaways not allowing people to enter if the bot restarted (told you we'd make bugs from the upgrade)
                                                                  • Fixed a bug where configurations were being reset (sorry :O)
                                                                  • Fixed a small bug preventing leaderboards from displaying


                                                                  The 2.0.0 update

                                                                  • Added !config patchnotes so you can setup a channel to receive patch notes
                                                                  • Added !bugreport so you can let us know about any bugs you find
                                                                  • Added a shiny new website! It's just a baby right now, but one day it will be big and strong. Check it out at
                                                                  • Added !language, watch yo proframity!
                                                                  • Tweaked pretty much every command (sorry). Seriously though, checkout !help cause the format for a lot of commands has changed.
                                                                  • Tweaked the cost of adoption to be 50 currency instead of 500
                                                                  • Tweaked the way you toggle commands. Use !disable now
                                                                  • Tweaked !pinshop to now only show you pins. To buy them, use !buypin
                                                                  • Tweaked !poll to have a hopefully easier format (!poll "question here" answer, answer, answer)
                                                                  • Tweaked a lot of error/confirmation messages to look nicer (oooh, pretttyyyy)
                                                                  • Tweaked !ranks to no longer list price, req rank, or level if not required
                                                                  • Tweaked !rankshop to now only display ranks and not work as a way to purchase them
                                                                  • Tweaked !twitch to now require !twitch list for a list of tracked channels
                                                                  • Fixed a ton of bugs (but you know, probably added more to because we're bad)
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with !giveaway not showing the winner message (rude)
                                                                  • Fixed a 3 month old bug with leaderboards (finally)


                                                                  • Added !pinlist to view all available pins
                                                                  • Added !pinshop to purchase select limited-edition pins
                                                                  • Added 5 new pins to collect
                                                                  • Tweaked !pins and !pins @user to now show your pins (yay official feature release!)


                                                                  • Added groundwork for a new Pins System (Badges, achievements, etc.)! More info coming soon, including how to request your very own original pin
                                                                  • Added !pins command to check what pins you or @someone else have (currently disabled until this weekend)
                                                                  • Added a snowcone food to the pet system for the holidays!
                                                                  • Added a snowball toy to the pet system for the holidays!
                                                                  • Fixed a bug that caused the bot to go down for 3 hours and give me major headaches
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with daily bonus / default points not working properly
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with leaderboards not displaying properly (about damn time this was fixed)
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with command toggles not working (damn code rework)
                                                                  • Fixed a bug where you could lose all your pets across all servers :O (sad....)


                                                                  • Tweaked !vote command to reflect new global system changes
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with !profile and voting not working properly (should be good now :O)


                                                                  • Added full economy control (have fun!)
                                                                  • Added !resetpoints all/@player which allows owners / admins to now reset points for all / individual users on their server
                                                                  • Added !resetlevels all/@player which allows owners / admins to now reset levels for all / individual users on their server
                                                                  • Added !set exp/points @player/all amt_here which allows owners / admins to now set points/exp for all / individual users on their server
                                                                  • Added !give points @player/all amt_here which allows owners / admins to now give points for all / individual users on their server
                                                                  • Added !setdaily amt_here which allows owners / admins to set the amount of currency received from !daily
                                                                  • Added !setdefault amt_here which allows owners / admins to set the amount of currency a new user starts with (or resets to)
                                                                  • Added groundwork for the global system
                                                                  • Added !profile command to show some stats from global system (W.I.P., sorry)
                                                                  • Tweaked pet system to have a max inventory of 100 items (sorry hoarders)
                                                                  • Tweaked !config to show daily bonus and default points (they can also be modified here like other config options)
                                                                  • Tweaked voting to give vote points instead of server specific currency (more uses for them coming)
                                                                  • Tweaked !config to no longer show Halloween avatar (yeah... that was stupid)
                                                                  • Fixed bug where birthdays were not showing up (weird and depressing)


                                                                  • Added a !birthday @username AND !bdays command to allow you and your members to list their birthdays (date only). Come bday, the server will get a notification to celebrate!
                                                                  • Added a !snowball command for the holidays! !snowball @username to hit someone specific or leave it up to chance who you pelt with !snowball
                                                                  • Tweaked !prank to no longer @mention anyone... finally. This will be how commands are made moving forward to avoid "ping spam."
                                                                  • Fixed various bugs (over a period of time so don't remember specifics. Found more? Let me know in the !support server!)

                                                                  Since we're about to hit 1000 servers for the bot, a MUCH REQUESTED FEATURE will be released this weekend (assuming we hit the goal!) As always, thanks for all the support! It's been a blast working on Purity with you all!


                                                                  • Added a !gobble command (HAPPY THANKSGIVING or NORMAL THURSDAY!)
                                                                  • Tweaked far too much code as it is being reworked (sorry for any issues, blame ChrispyChips)
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with moderator commands
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with summon command
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with leaderboards not showing up
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with pet toggle not working


                                                                  • Added a multi-page functionality for !ranks (why so many ranks, sheesh!)
                                                                  • Tweaked all of the code for incoming code rework. (yay...)
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with giveaways causing infinite loops. (forget that)

                                                                  Please note: multi-page functionality for !config ranks is not currently implemented. Check out !ranks for the list


                                                                  • Added a command toggler (disable any command!) using !config commands toggle commandNameHere
                                                                  • Added !config commands to view disabled commands
                                                                  • Tweaked !config help to explain how to toggle commands
                                                                  • Temporarily removed !gif due to an API bug. Sorry :(


                                                                  • Added a custom role management feature in !config to allow server owners to setup purchasable / earnable ranks! Currently can require a certain amount of money, a minimum level, or having another role. Use !config roles and !config help for more details.
                                                                  • Added a !ranks command to display all available ranks that can be earned or purchased
                                                                  • Added a !rankshop command to allow players to buy and obtain new ranks
                                                                  • Tweaked !config to allow for new ranks to be added using !config ranks add/remove/edit
                                                                  • Tweaked !config help to explain how custom ranks can be created


                                                                  • Added a !grayscale command to let you recolor an image. Because, why not?
                                                                  • Added a !flip command so when you go a little crazy, at least you look the part.


                                                                  • Added !config to replace !prefix, !currencyname, and more (commands will still remain active at this time because why not)
                                                                  • Added the ability to configure moderator and admin bot command groups using !config. Yay no more stupid owner only command usage (mostly...)!
                                                                  • Added a !support command to easily get the support discord information since people tend to have questions sometimes
                                                                  • Added a !ban command to ban players from your discord when kicking doesn't get the point across
                                                                  • Added a revolving activity feed (you know where it shows what you're playing) with some helpful commands
                                                                  • Fixed a bug where once toggled off, the points system could not be toggled back on. Well, that's rude.

                                                                  Role breakdown is as follows:

                                                                  Admin Role Moderator Role
                                                                  - !currency
                                                                  - !resetpoints
                                                                  - !resetlevel
                                                                  - !prefix
                                                                  - !toggle
                                                                  - !twitch
                                                                  - + all moderator commands
                                                                  - !kick
                                                                  - !purge
                                                                  - !ban


                                                                  • Added the option to vote for the bot and receive +150 currency across all servers that Purity Bot is active in.
                                                                  • Added a !vote command to get the voting link.


                                                                  • Added a frisbee to the pet shop because every pet deserves a frisbee.
                                                                  • Added a !pokedex because every bot apparently has one? I like Pokémon too, so why not!


                                                                  • Added the ability to specify the number of messages to remove from !purge (qty). Yay control \o/
                                                                  • Added !confused to let you all react confused to messages.
                                                                  • Added !success to empower your most successful moments.
                                                                  • Added !youmad to let you taunt others.
                                                                  • Tweaked !giveaway to use minutes instead of milliseconds for !giveaway entry giveaways. Better.
                                                                  • Tweaked !giveaway to provide a simpler example to make usage more clear. Confusion sucks.
                                                                  • Fixed !help returning an older version of the help commands. That wasn't very helpful.
                                                                  • Fixed a bug where people were not leveling up properly from typing in chat. I'm sorry :(
                                                                  • Fixed a bug where hunger + happiness were going down in an unintended way. Sorry pets.
                                                                  • Fixed a bug with the music bot failing when it can't find your groovy tunes.
                                                                  • Fixed a bug where !currency was not changing the name of your server's currency. Again, sorry bout that.


                                                                  • Added !purge to allow for a text channel to be cleared (last 100 messages). Helps eliminate some of that sweet bot spam.
                                                                  • Tweaked !info to display a more accurate member count
                                                                  • Tweaked !pet fight battle screen to remind players about !pet fight special. You know it existed? Right?
                                                                  • Tweaked music player to have some built-in emoji love.
                                                                  • Tweaked !info to include a link to the support discord. Yay support \o/
                                                                  • Fixed a bug where music player would let you search for nothing at all. Who listens to nothing? Can music even be nothing?
                                                                  • Fixed a bug where polls would break with more than 10 options. Damn choice.
                                                                  • Fixed a bug where users were not being told how to !kick properly. Now you can kick all those pesky nerds from your server while being well informed!
                                                                  • Fixed a bug where !release would not remove previous pet cooldowns. Now your old pet won't have a bad influence on your new pet.


                                                                  • Added a !boku command to display Boku no Hero Academia Quotes. Try !boku, !mha, or !myheroacademia
                                                                  • Added + and - modifiers to dice rolls. Try !roll 5d20+55
                                                                  • Added a !info command to display general bot information and vote link(edited)
                                                                  • Added a !ship command to ship together two players. Try !ship [username] [username]
                                                                  • Added a !prank command to prank people. Try !prank [username] or just !prank to prank someone random
                                                                  • Tweaked battle damage to be slightly more random
                                                                  • Fixed bug with !heal command not healing past 100 health
                                                                  • Fixed leaderboard bug for when there is no data on a server
                                                                  • Fixed a bug where dice rolls of +1 trillion value could crash bot. You nerds..