A moderation bot with autorole setting and antiinvite

Created By: DevShot# 9738

The bot has multiple moderation commands and utility commands, such as: softban and colour. Join the support server if you're in need of help with Warden, we can demonstrate on how to use Warden.

Updates are frequent and you can always suggest and report bugs to me, DevShot#9738



w!botinfo - Shows bots information

w!developers - Heres all the developers

w!invite - Get invite link for the bot

w!permissions - Get a user's permissions by user / id

w!ping - Ping

w!role - Get a role's info by mention/id

w!roles - Get all the roles of the current guild

w!serverinfo - Get the current server info

w!shards - Show all shards and their stats

w!stats - Shows bot stats

w!uptime - Shows bot uptime

w!userinfo - Get a user's info by mention/id

w!vote - Upvote me ^-^


w!ban - Bans the user mentioned/id.

w!clearhistory - Clears the user mentioned/id punishment history.

w!hackban - Hackbans the user id.

w!history - Gets the punishment history of user mentioned/id.

w!kick - Kicks the user mentioned/id.

w!mute - Mutes the user mentioned/id.

w!prune - Prune messages

w!reason - Sets a case reason

w!softban - Softbans the user mentioned/id.

w!tempmute - Mutes the user mentioned/id

w!unban - Unbans the user id.

w!unmute - Unmutes the user mentioned/id.

w!warn - Issues a warning to the user mentioned/id.


w!big - Make an emoji larger (in an embed)

w!codeblock - Make a message to a codeblock

w!color - Search for colors using HEX / R, G, B / HTML Color Name or Random

w!docs - Search for a query in discord.js library

w!help - Shows all commands.

w!npm - Search for npm packages

w!pypi - Search for pypi packages

w!settings - Set, change or remove the current guild settings