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Bring Minecraft right into your Discord Server with MineBot. Access the Wiki, profiles, server info and more!


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MineBot is a very new bot, and it's being constantly updated in order to add new commands, trivia, and to improve performance. If you have anything you want added or experience issues, please, let us know in our support server!


Get the Minecraft wiki right in your Discord server with Minebot. Wiki results include crafts, attributes, images, snippets and links straight to the wiki.

Give it a shot!

Syntax: m!wiki search term

Example: m!wiki redstone comparator

Redstone Comparator

Note: All wiki searches are performed through the MediaWiki API and are cached for an hour

Want some info on an Enchantment? It's cool, we got a command for that as well:

Syntax: m!enchant search term

Example: m!enchant Fortune

Fortune Enchantment

Note: Enchantment names are case-insensitive but do require correct spelling

And if you just want to sit back, relax and learn some random Minecraft trivia, just run the trivia command:

Example: m!trivia

Oh wow I never knew that

MineBot can also calculate the XP required to obtain a certain level.

Syntax: m!xp <level>

Example: m!xp 31


MineBot can communicate directly with the Minecraft user APIs to generate a neat little profile for you, it can get a player's UUID, name, past names, skin, and even generate a profile picture.

Don't take my word for it, just invite it and run one command:

Syntax: m!player playername

Example: m!player Chimney_Swift

My Profile

Note: Due to rate limiting, profiles are cached for 5 minutes and skins are cached for 1 hour

Server Status

Minebot can bring one-off and persistant server status to your Discord server:

Syntax: m!server address m!p_server address (persistant, updates every 5 minutes)

Example: m!server mc.hypixel.net

One-off Server Info

m!p_server mc.hypixel.net

Persistant Server Info

Note: GeoIP information and icons are cached, commands also accept ports in the same format as your Minecraft client. Servers are limited to 1 persistant server each until performance is improved, ask in the support server if you need more. You must have manage messages to create a persistant server.


While Discord RCON bots aren't particularly new, you can now add RCON servers as well as do all the other cool things through one bot.

You can set a channel as an RCON channel with the m!rcon_set command, you can remove it with the m!rcon_remove command:

Syntax: m!rcon_set <address> <password> [port] m!rcon_remove

Example: m!rcon_set best_password 1234

Note: Make sure your channel is accessible only by people you want to run commands! There are no permision checks to run commands, only to set the RCON server. m!rcon_remove completely, permanantly deletes your RCON server's details from our database


Want to see how much money people have wasted spent on Minecraft? Or maybe you just want to see the health of the API servers, either way the m!stats command has got you covered:


Note: 💚 = Healthy, 💛 = Some Issues, 💔 = Down

Help and Support

If you need command help, check out the m!help command.

If you want further help, or you're experiencing issues, join our support server and we'll (I'll) be happy to help you out.

If you want to support us, then invite the bot! :D

This bot is generously hosted by AJILEone

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