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Gladiator is for all your needs! Autorole, Welcome Message, Leveling, Moderation and many more, Featuring unique features and commands.


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Sax page updated!

Commands on and the invite link is now updated. I will make sure to keep it up to date, stay tuned!

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Gladiator has commands that you can moderate your server and reward your community with roles by being active in the server.


= General Commands =

- help | Commands of the bot.
- ping | Bot's latency and ping.
- stats | The status of the bot.
- vote | Vote for the bot on! You can vote every 12 hours.
- bugreport | Report a bug you discovered with attachments.
- invite | Invite Gladiator to your server!
- suggest | Suggest a feature for Gladiator.
- support | Reach support server for more help.
- uptime | How long for bot has been up?

= Fun Commands =

- 8ball | Ask a question! 8ball will answer it.
- flipcoin | Flip a coin.
- rockpaperscissors | A classical rock paper scissors game.

= Economy Commands =

- money | See how much money you have.
- shop | View the shop or buy an item.
- crime | Do a crime to gain money! Be careful you might loose your money.
- work | Work! Work! Work!

= Leveling Commands =

- leaderboard | Shows up the leaderboard for xp.
- profile | Shows the information about your leveling.
- leveledroles | View or edit the leveled roles, you can add for either certain amount of xp or level.
- levelingoptions | Edit leveling options, how much xp you get, when do you get xp, etc.
- levelupmessage | Edit the options for level up message, customize it the way you like!
- rewardmessage | Edit the reward message options, whenever a leveled role is gained this message will be shown.

= Moderation Commands =

- addrole | Add a role to someone.
- ban | Ban someone.
- kick | Kick someone.
- warn | Warn a user for certain reason.
- mute | Mutes a member for a specified time or permanent.
- un-mute | Unmutes a member which is muted.
- nickname | Change nickname of a member.
- prune | Prunes the amount of messages you want(plus your message).
- un-ban | Unbans a specified user.
- autorole | Add a autorole for bots or users to have upon joining.
- blacklist | Blacklist a command or channel from use.
- case | View the case by Case ID.
- editcase | Edit a case by Case ID.
- removecase | Remove a case by Case ID.
- punishments | See your full list of punishments.
- manage | Manage a user's profile details, add or remove xp, or reset.
- overridepermissions | Override permissions for a certain command, disable or enable it for a channel or a user.
- welcomemessage | Edit the welcome message for members to see upon joining.

= Utility Commands =

- channelinfo | Lists the information about a specified channel.
- guildinfo | Lists the information about the guild you're in.
- roleinfo | Lists the information about a role.
- userinfo | Lists the information about a user.
- avatar | Look up someone's avatar.
- color | Get detailed information about a color, you can even experiment with new colors.
- embed | Create a embed from scratch! You can edit every single field.
- emoji | *Favorite of Community* Steal and enlare custom emojis >:)
- poll| Create a poll with specified time limit.
- role | Add or remove a role from a member, make new roles or delete them, edit a role's information such as name, color even permissions.
- say | Make Gladiator say your favorite quotes!
- whohas | View whoever has a certain role, user by user.

More Information

You can view the changelog from here

Bot created by Sax#6211, thanks to whoever helped me to make this project.

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