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The VERIFIED bot that can replace a thousand other bots! All the features you'll ever want.


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uwu bot's first update to 2021!

I'm excited to provide a massive quality-of-life update on uwu bot to kick off the new year! Here's the change log below: Brawl Stars - "bsevents" is now working because it wasn't working before. - "bsprofile" now displays emojis correctly and now shows the correct total amount of brawlers (43). - "bsbrawlers" now displays all its emojis properly and now shows the correct total amount of brawlers (43). - "bsseason" now displays all its emojis properly and now displays the correct data according to the new season reset system! Economy - "simp" is a new command to obtain anywhere between 2000-3000 bananas at a time. This command has a cooldown of 5 minutes. Be aware that the responses are cringe. - "gamble" is added back but has been tweaked. You now do not enter an amount to gamble. Once you run this command, you will lose either 0-2000 bananas or gain 0-2000 bananas. This command has a cooldown of 10 minutes. Remember that the prefix for all commands is "uwu", so run any command by typing "uwu", a space, followed by the command name!

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uwu bot

The one (Verified!) bot that can replace a thousand other bots! You are looking at a multipurpose, high-quality Discord bot, able to work for whatever purpose your server is for.


  • Intuitive Help + Useful Links
  • Enjoyable Anime Commands
  • Brawl Stars In-Depth Statistics
  • Configurable Features
  • Per-Server Economy (Points) System
  • Fun Commands (Memes too!)
  • Useful + Secure Moderation Commands
  • Utility Features

These are not the only features of the bot. There are more than 150 commands!

Get Started

  • Invite the bot.
  • Run uwu help to see the list of commands.
  • Join the Discord server for fun and for any questions!
  • Don't forget to give this bot an upvote!

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avatar of Ryan>.<
Ryan>.< 2 months ago

Uwu bot is the best bot. Senor Banana the creator keeps the bot upkept and is always adding cool new features!


avatar of red kiko bean
red kiko bean 2 months ago

I gave the bot all the permissions except kick and ban members. It doesnt make an emoji. Should i allow kick and ban members? Edit:Oh i didn't type animated or normal, i just typed the id and name. Thanks for telling me!

avatar of uwu bot
uwu bot 2 months ago

Are you using the "addemoji" command? Type "uwu addemoji [ID] [name] [animated/normal" to add an emoji, and it should work with Manage Emojis permissions. If you are stuck or need further help, join the support server: https://discord.gg/vCMEmNJ, so we can get your issue taken care of!

Replying to red kiko bean

avatar of Alive and Well
Alive and Well 10 days ago

A poor bot, leads to a diaster in my service! I highly suggest other bots then this one!