uwu bot

The one (Verified!) bot that can replace a thousand other bots! You are looking at a multipurpose, high-quality Discord bot, able to work for whatever purpose your server is for.


  • Intuitive Help + Useful Links
  • Enjoyable Anime Commands
  • Brawl Stars In-Depth Statistics
  • Configurable Features
  • Per-Server Economy (Points) System
  • Fun Commands (Memes too!)
  • Useful + Secure Moderation Commands
  • Utility Features

These are not the only features of the bot. There are more than 150 commands!

Get Started

  • Invite the bot.
  • Run uwu help to see the list of commands.
  • Join the Discord server for fun and for any questions!
  • Don't forget to give this bot an upvote!