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A multipurpose bot for many different servers. Mostly focused around it's Lua command.






TinyGuardian provides a multitude of possible commands. This is done through a module system, allowing Guild owners to toggle what commands are enabled|disabled. I am currently working on widening the range of available commands per module, as well as more modules in the future! For a complete list, please join the support guild.

Lua Command Functionatilty


tg!lua create [fileName]
tg!lua delete [fileName]


tg!lua add fileName code --Will append code to end of environment.
tg!lua insert fileName lineNumber code --Will create a new line at lineNumber and insert code.
tg!lua remove fileName startLine [endLine] --Will remove lines of code from startLine to startLine unless endLine is provided.
tg!lua clear fileName --Will empty environment.
tg!lua read fileName --Will display environment.


tg!lua execute fileName --Will attempt to execute environment.
tg!lua results fileName --Will grab latests results of environment execution if longer than provided output.

Settings Command
Modifies settings for Guild.

--[[ Requires Permission Manage_Server ]]--

tg!settings - Displays current settings of Guild
tg!settings list|help - Displays name of settings to use in command
tg!settings setting newValue - Changes value of settings to newValue

Module Command
Toggles status of modules within the guild. Allows for customization of active commands.

--[[ Requires Permission Manage_Server ]]--

tg!module moduleName - Toggles module status. [Active | Inactive]

Blacklist Command
Sets a TextChannel's blacklist status. A blacklisted channel can not handle TinyGuardian commands.

--[[ Requires Permission Manage_Server ]]--

tg!blacklist channelID - Toggles blacklist status of a TextChannel.

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