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Mini is a fun bot designed to encourage activity on your server and provide fun games to play in the chat, alone or together!


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Mini is a fun multi-purpose bot designed to encourage activity on your server and provide fun games to play in the chat, alone or together!


Do you have a scoreboard on your server that's dominated by users who aren't active anymore, but they've collected so many points that they're really hard to catch up to?
Did you maybe give out perks to those users, and now they get to keep them while not participating in the server anymore?
Mini is here to help!

Mini features a scoreboard with some unique features such as:

  • Points automatically decay so users have to stay active to keep their spot on the leaderboard!
  • Create ranks with minimum scores to recognize the most active members of your community!
  • Use dynamic rank requirements so the top ranks on your server are always exclusive, no matter how big the scoreboard gets!
  • Link ranks to roles so you can give perks and rewards to your active users!
  • Roles are lost over time if you stop engaging with the server, so users have to be consistently active to keep their perks!


Mini also offers some fun games such as:

  • UNO
    The popular card game, right in Discord, with configurable rules. It's really fun and easy to use!
  • Tic Tac Toe
    You can pull up a game of Tic Tac Toe within seconds to play against one of your friends.
  • Ask Ouija
    Ask a question and your friends can collaborate on the answer, one letter at a time!
  • WikiHow (guess the article)
    WikiHow has the strangest images in their articles. Now it's your turn to match the title to the image!
  • Geo (guess where you are)
    You get a random Street View image from around the world. In three rounds, you guess the continent, country and city. See how far you can make it!


Mini also has a few useful tools such as:

  • Automatic unit conversions
    Are you European and your friend keeps telling you it's 80°F outside? Mini will automatically find various units in messages and display a helpful conversion chart.
  • Weather forecasts
    This one's pretty straightforward. Get a weather forecast for any place in the world!
  • Timezone displays
    Set up a timezone display that will let your friends know when something is happening in their timezone.
  • Self-destructing secret messages
    Got something embarrassing to say, that you don't quite want to move to DMs but also don't want to stick around? The secret message will disappear on its own!


Lastly, Mini has some fun chat features, including:

  • Generating memes
    Generate some of the most popular meme formats such as Gru, Drake, Galaxy Brain and more!
  • Deepfrying images
    Right click on an image in the chat and select "Apps > Deepfry Image" to deepfry it!
  • Simulating users akin to r/subredditsimulator
  • Calculating shipnames for relationships

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