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Redditor is capable of automatically posting new Images,Gifs & Text straight to your discord server! Like webhooks, but better.


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About Redditor

Redditor is a bot made to automatically keep you updated on the newest posts in your favorite subreddits. Capable of posting Images, Gifs, Text posts & Links from any subreddit you choose!

Every 10 minutes, Redditor browses the depths of Reddit to check if you've missed any new posts from Subreddits you choose. Redditor then grabs and posts those new Images/Links/Videos/Text/etc right into your discord server without effort!

If you have any questions, suggestions or doubts about the bot then don't hesitate to come talk to me in our Discord Community Server

How to use

  1. Invite the bot into your server
  2. The Redditor bot MUST have Read, Write and Embed permissions in Text Channels
  3. Slowmode MUST be disabled in Redditor text channels
  4. Add a subreddit using the .//subscribe command (Commands explained below)

One subreddit is linked to one text channel, you cannot add a subreddit to multiple different text channels You can however add multiple different subreddits to one text channel.

NOTE : Some commands require admin permissions or unique role named 'Redditor' to use. These commands are marked in the commands section with the text 'requires special permissions'

Redditor checks and posts new Reddit posts at a certain speed. You can use the .//interval command to see how long it took Redditor last time. This time is generally between 4-10 minutes.


Non-premium users get up to 20 subreddits in a single discord server. After 10 subscriptions, you will be asked to vote for Redditor to gain more subscriptions. After voting, you can add up to 20 subreddits untill your vote expires. After that you can simply vote again.

Per update cycle of the Redditor bot, Non-premium users are limited to 1 new post per subbredit.

Premium benefits (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

  • Unlimited subreddits in your discord servers
  • Up to 25 new posts per subreddit per update cycle


Usage What does it do?
.//Subscribe .//Subscribe [Subreddit name] [Text channel name] Add a subreddit to a text channel. Requires special permissions
.//Unsubscribe .//Unsubscribe [Subreddit name] Remove a subreddit from your server. Requires special permissions
.//List .//List [Page number] Show one page of the list of all subreddits in your server
.//Help .//Help Contains all the info you need about the bot
.//Interval .//Interval Show how long the last update cycle took
.//Activate .//Activate Activate Premium benefits in a server
.//Vote .//Vote Vote for Redditor bot!


I want to add r/dankmemes to my Text channel named memes-chat. I use the command .//Subscribe dankmemes memes-chat

I now want to unsubscribe from dankmemes. I use the command .//Unsubscribe dankmemes


Italian Trulli Italian Trulli Italian Trulli Italian Trulli

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