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QuizBot V3 "The XP Update"

The Headlines Server-specific Leaderboards A long standing suggestion is finally becoming reality: You can now see how many points users have scored in your server only! Find out more by running =leaderboard XP System You now earn XP by playing quizzes with at least 2 players. By earning XP you can increase your level. Your total points earned so far will be converted to XP level so you don't have to start from scratch. You can check your XP level and your progress to the next level with =profile Currency System In addition to XP, playing quizzes with 3 or more players will award all players Q$, the new QuizBot currency! You can also earn some by having your quizzes played, so why not create some high-quality public quizzes?! Item Shop You are probably wondering what you can use all your Q$ for, well, this is it! We now have an item shop which can be accessed with =shop. You browse the interactive menu with the reactions that are added to the message. We hope you enjoy this update, we really worked hard on it! Any questions or feedback? Please send us a message in our support server.

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Play detailed quizzes made by users like you

Explore our large database of quizzes, all with different questions, answers and challenges! Play them with as many, or as little friends as you want.

See a quiz being played in a channel? Simply join in by answering one question.

Create your own quizzes for everyone to enjoy. Worldwide.

Use the web interface to create detailed quizzes with up to 25 unique questions. Edit the quiz's name, description, colour and more with just a single click.

Prefer working within Discord? Anything you can do with the website you can also do there, using well-documented commands explained in the =help command.

Full customisation

Everything can be changed: quiz colour, time per question, points awarded, who can access your quiz, 2-9 custom answers and more.

Want to run large quiz events? QuizBot allows as many players as you can find to join your quiz with no restrictions.

Want to restrict who can play quizzes in your server? Simply set a command access level with =access-level.

The bot is currently available in 3 languages: English, German and Arabic. Change the bot's language in your server with =settings language (language).

Active development team

We are always working on new features and listening to your feedback to improve the bot and make it exactly what you want from a Discord bot.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, you can tell us your honest thoughts on our support server.

Need help?

All QuizBot commands are documented in the =help command. Type this in any channel the bot can access for a list of all commands.

If you still need help, join our support server to get quick help right from the developers!

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