Toast Bot [Forever offline]


Toast Bot brings a little bit of fun to your guild.

Toast Bot [Forever offline] Commands Prefix: + or mention (customizable)

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Created By: Cerus# 5149

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

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Toast Bot

Toast Bot is a neat Discord bot that brings a little bit of fun to your guild.
Invite the bot now: Click here
Join the support Discord: Click here


The bot features a few commands (and more are to come):

  • help
  • info
  • credits
  • bot-channel
  • set-prefix
  • toast
  • toastify
  • cat-gif
  • economy
  • search-gif
  • vote
  • toastbattle
  • top-voters
  • upgrade-hp
  • user-info
  • item-info
  • use-item
  • sell-item
  • idiot

The bot also features a economy system (the currency is called breadcrumbs). You get 10 breadcrumbs each vote (20 on weekends) and you can spend these breadcrumbs for example on cat gifs (one cat gif costs 1 breadcrumb). You can also upgrade your max hp in toastbattles with breadcrumbs. Occasionally you get items (like vote awards) which you can sell for breadcrumbs. All vote awards:

  • Bronze vote award (redeemed after 10 votes, worth 100 breadcrumbs)
  • Silver vote award (redeemed after 25 votes, worth 250 breadcrumbs)
  • Golden vote award (redeemed after 50 votes, worth 500 breadcrumbs)
  • Platinum vote award (redeemed after 100 votes, worth 1000 breadcrumbs)

The default command prefix is +.
The toast command will generate an image like this:
The toastify command will generate an image like this:
The idiot command will generate a edited "Idiot Sandwich" gif. I can't explain it here, you have to check it out yourself ;)\


After you invited the bot to your guild you need to set one (or more) bot channels in order to use the commands. Type +bot-channel add in a text channel of your choice to register it as a bot channel. You can type +bot-channel remove to unregister it.
You are also able to change the command prefix for your guild. Just type +set-prefix <new prefix> in the previously registered bot channel to change it.
There's also a self hosted version, scroll down if you're interested.

Self hosted bot

Latest version: Build Status
You can download the latest release on the release tab or on Jenkins and run it in the command line with java -jar ToastBot-VERSION.jar. Notice that you need to change the filename at the end of the command to the filename of the downloaded file. You may also add different arguments.