Filo is a multifunctional Discord bot trained for all administrative tasks. Supported languages: Spanish and English.

Created By: iLxlo_# 4204


Filo is a Discord bot prepared for the administrative tasks of your server. It includes a large number of functions, as well as commands.

You can configure some aspects of Filo and even the language using the config command.


Administration, Animals, Anime, Core, Fun, Economy, Interaction, Games, Minecraft, Miscellaneous, Moderation, Music (Disabled), Levels, Reaction, Server, Support.


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Filo is a bot F R E E and we are constantly working to improve it … in recent days we have been experimenting with a secret formula to grow money from trees, but it doesn’t give any results. That is why we need your help! Donating will help Filo maintain his Anime account!

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Need help with some of Filo’s functions? Read our documentation!


Filo is not available? Do not worry! Surely our smart technicians will be working to restore it. You can check more details on our status page.