Brawl Me

Brawl Me is an oriented Brawl Stars discord bot. You can open Box, collect brawlers and also play Brawl Stars games! Fight your Friends!

Brawl Me Commands Prefix: bm! or configurable

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Created By: Riks# 0001


Brawl Me is an oriented Brawl Stars discord bot. You can open Box with your friends, earn coins, gems, tickets and much more! Moreover you can duel your friends to see who has the best brawlers! Furthermore you can also play games such as Showdown, Gemgrab, Bounty, Heist, Brawlball and Robot Rumble! As well you can collect brawlers, upgrade them and play with them to earn more rewards. Moreover there is a daily rewards feature, so you will always have something to do! Your account is synchronized through all guilds!

Important commands

  • bm!help - Shows the help with all commands
  • bm!daily - Claim your daily rewards
  • bm!profile - Shows your profile
  • bm!shop - Shows the shop
  • bm!showdown <brawler> - Play a Showdown game
  • bm!gemgrab <brawler> - Play a Gemgrab game
  • bm!heist <brawler> - Play a Heist game
  • bm!brawlball <brawler> - Play a Brawlball game
  • bm!siege <brawler> - Play a Siege game
  • bm!bounty <brawler> - Play a Bounty game
  • bm!robot <tickets_amount> - Play a Robot Rumble game
  • bm!duel <@user> - Duel someone

    And much more! (You can see all of the commands in the bm!help command).


If you have any bugs, problems, simply join our support discord! (bm!infos)