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A discord bot with new unique features that is specially for providing an enhanced experience for BombSquad game players and server owners.

BombSquad Bot

A new discord bot which has many new and unique features including some fun commands. This bot is made mostly for enhancing the experience of any BombSquad game player and/or server owners by having some special BombSquad game commands for them.

Invite BombSquad bot

To use the BombSquad bot in your discord servers you first need to invite the bot to your servers with correct permissions. Use invite link provided on this page, and do not alter this link or you might end up in unwanted state.

Bot join confirmation

After you successfully authorize the BombSquad bot to your server you will see a message by the bot in one of the text channels of your discord server in which the bot has access to send message.

Customize prefix

Now you can customize the prefix of the bot using the bs!prefix <new prefix> command.

Changing prefix

Forgot prefix

If you by chance forget the prefix set for the server you can get the prefix by sending a message mentioning the bot and containing "prefix" ie. @BombSquad Bot#1080 prefix

Getting prefix

The effort given to this bot

The main effort in the development of this bot is given to the new, and unique features of this bot and uniqueness of this bot itself. It will also be actively worked on continously even in future to ensure the best user experience and up to date libraries without any security risk or vulnerabilities in the framework.

Also, We have made a website for our BombSquad Bot. We will be actively posting every updates of our bot on the website and there will also be important announcments there. The website also features a web dashboard of BombSquad Bot, using which you can easily customize the bot for any discord server that you manage. Check the website regularly if you do not wan't to miss any update about our BombSquad Bot.


We are a team of four members, each have different roles and field of work in the development of BombSquad Bot.

Our development team members are listed below:

Member Image : Rahul Raman's photo Killer's photo The God's photo Smoooth Soundz's photo Awesome Logic's photo
Member Name: Rahul Raman Killer The God Smoooth Soundz Awesome Logic
Member Roles: Bot programmer, Web Dashboard framework Web Dashboard layout making New good Ideas and features Main Bot functionality testing and error catching Public APIs used by the BombSquad Bot

Help and support

Using help command

To get help of using the BombSquad Bot you just need to use the bot's help command and use the reactions below the message to navigate through different pages of the help command bs!help

By using the reactions of the message you will be able to cycle through all the pages of the help command and so will see all the commands.

Get help

Get help of a specific command

To get help for using a specific command you can use the help command and add the command name to the end of the message, eg. bs!help modmanager

Using help command like this shows you the signature of the command and a short doc of the command you are finding help for.

Help of a command

BombSquad bot support

For getting support for our BombSquad bot, you have two ways which are given below:-

  • You mail us at support@bombsquadbot.tk with any attachment needed and we will reply as soon as possible.
  • You join our discord support server and then ask your question in the 'support' channel, or if you have a media file that you need to send along with it go to 'media support'.

Support channels

Feedback and Fan Arts

Providing feedback

For providing feedback you need to open your discord app go to a server where the bot is present and use the feedback command passing it the feedback you want to send us, eg: bs!feedback The bot is very cool, it would be even better if ...

Provide feedback

Submitting Fan-Arts

If you are a fan of the BombSquad bot and have made an artwork specially for the bot and want to show that to us, please do not hesitate and use the fanart command of the BombSquad bot to send your artwork what you need to do is just attach the artwork media, use the command and send the message for, eg: bs!fanart command on a message with the artwork media file(s) attached to it, or you can also use the command with url, eg: bs!fanart <url(s)> or you can even do both.

The filename of the attachment or/and the url of the file must end with the accepted extensions. The accepted extensions are: [".jpg", ".png", ".gif", ".jpeg"]

At the end of every week one of the submitted artwork will be chosen to be displayed on the BombSquad bot's website, at the Fan-Arts page. *This is not set in stone ie, the duration and/or selected artworks number might vary depending on the submitions, total users, servers and other such factors.

Submit Fan Arts

Bot usage guide

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